Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lunch with Ryan, the Jersey Shore and the Sopranos.

Wow! Friday was a gorgeous day. The 75 degree weather brought everyone out of hibernation. Some even wearing sun dresses and shorts to boot.  Mother nature does this Spring tease around about this time of the year.  I don't trust her though, I've learned by now not to put away my winter duds just yet.

Jen came down to visit with Ryan in tow.  The very first thing each of my grand kids does after greeting us is head straight back to our Sun Room.  That's where Grandma keeps the toy chest and shelf loaded with toys, puzzles and games.

After a few rounds of Candy Bingo (that's Candy Land Bingo in adult speak), we decided it would be nice to go for lunch, somewhere on the water. We had to convince Ryan that seeing water and boats was much more fun than the playground.

The casual little restaurant by the bay was almost empty.  It's a great place, with a dock, outside dining and a far off view of the the Barnegat Light House.

While we were waiting for our food, the owner, who looked like he could have been a cast member of the show "The Jersey Shore",  came out with a basket of bread pieces.  He said in his perfect "joisey" accent, "hea, go feed the ducks."   So we headed out down to the beach;  tip toeing around the goose, sea gull, and duck trails.

I watched as Ryan and Ross threw the bread into the water.  The various breeds of birds were in a frenzy as they vied for each piece.

The owner came out with a couple of visitors.  It was like Jersey Shore meets the Sopranos.  The owner was pointing out his plans for the place, once the season got going.   "I'm gonna be putting some chairs, over there on the beach, it's gonna be nice.  Customers can have some drinks while they wait for their tables, yeah, it's gonna be nice."
The bigger guy, (and I mean big) said, "Yea, but you gotta get the liquor."
"I'm working on it", said the owner.
Right now the place is a bring your own.   It will be interesting to see if he manages to the "get the liquor".

So after we finished our lunch,  we decided to visit with the ducks one more time.  The sun, the calm water, watching Jen with her beautiful Ryan, it was pretty much a perfect day.   One to think about and treasure when times are not so perfect.