Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's The Every Other Wednesday Wednesday Day

I have always been curious and fascinated by dreams, way before I saw the movie Inception.

Today is the every other Wednesday Wednesday.  Chemo day.  I try to take it in stride, after all it has been over a year since the every other Wednesday Chemo days began. It's one of the reasons I started knitting again. Knitting has become my temporary escape, a small distraction from reality.

 "I am going to go over tomorrow, just for a little visit," I say.
 "I don't think that is such a good idea," she responds.
 "Why?" I ask.
 "Well, I don't think he wants you there.  He said he would like some alone time, just he and the baby", she says.
 "Oh, okay, if he doesn't want me to be there, I won't, go." I say in a hurt voice.
The phone is ringing, but I can't get to it in time and it stops.   Then I hear the chimes of my cell phone. I frantically search for my purse.  I find it on the chair where it always is and start rummaging thru looking for the phone.   Oh, there it is.  "Hello?  Hello?"  I say into the phone.  I hear my son's voice.  "Ma, can you come over, I need you."

I could hear his voice so clearly that it woke me from a sound sleep.  And then I remembered;  "Today is THAT Wednesday."   Dreams, so fascinating.

Knitting is a great distraction, but somewhere "down there, in the deep dark recesses, in that room" I will always know when it is the every other Wednesday, Wednesday.

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