Saturday, July 11, 2020

What's Painfully Missing

July 11, 2020

I would imagine that the year 2020 will certainly be one for the history books.

A pandemic, toilet paper hoarding, millions of people out of work and most recently massive protests in the world about racial injustices have lead the headlines for nearly six months now.

This is also a presidential election year in the US. The current president, Donald Trump will be running against Joe Biden.   Because of the Covid19 virus, this campaign will be the most unusual in modern history. 

The specific details of all of these things will most certainly be well documented, therefore I don't find it necessary to do that here.

What I can write about is how Ross and I have been coping.

We have experienced the personal loss and scary illnesses of loved ones.  Those have been tough.

Sitting here now, today, reflecting on the last six months, I would have to say, overall, we have managed well.  The most important thing is that we have not gotten ill.  Fingers crossed that we continue in good health.  I am still frightened about getting this virus.  I am especially concerned about me getting it because I need to be healthy for Ross.

One of the observances I have found most interesting is how we were able to adapt to this new small world we find ourselves in and how quickly we established a new routine.

We do miss having a meal out, which we would do a couple of times a week.

There have been times of depression, and upset.  We've been getting help with that.

At the start of the world seemingly ready to fall apart, Ross and I were glued to the TV, watching  wall to wall coverage.  That has changed.  We find other things to do instead.  For instance, sitting on our front porch, listening to the birds, watching the squirrels and rabbits scamper about is quite peaceful.

We've managed to see the ocean a couple of times and frequently ride by the Barnegat bay.  Seeing the water soothes our souls.

Every day we walk up to the corner and back.  (inside joke)

Up until a few weeks ago we had been ordering our groceries online.  Someone from the store wold bring the packages out to our car.  That is a great service. 
But now we are venturing out into the stores.  I am a little skittish about it, but try to be as careful as possible.

Facetime and phone calls have kept us somewhat connected.

New Jersey has been one of the hardest hit with the Corona Virus.
Now, restrictions are slowly being lifted.
As of yesterday, with safety measures in place, such as social distancing and mask wearing,  restaurants can serve, via outdoor dining.  Retail stores are open bound by limited capacity.
Next week hair salons and barber shops will open.
Yay! Today, the wonderful women who clean our home are back.  So grateful for them.

But spectacular sparkling bays and blue ocean waves,  melodious bird songs, cute bunnies and funny scampering squirrels and hundreds of miles walked to the corner and back pale in comparison to the hugs and kisses we are painfully missing.

A treasured past summer


  1. Hari OM
    A succinct and meaningful record of the year that is, Lynda... 'kerazey' right? Being healthy, enjoying nature, waxing creative; all these things have proven the anchors for so many during this time and I am pleased to read that you have these in abundance. I am still ordering online groceries - mainly because I don't have a car, can't carry that much stuff anyway and simply cannot leave my father alone for more than half an hour at a time... deep breaths and onward we plough!!! YAM xx

    1. Basically, yes, I thought I should document this for the future. I hope that in the not too distant future, this will be nothing more than a faded memory.

      I wish you and your father the best as you deep breathe and plough through.

  2. Definitely missing the hugs and kisses, Mom. xoxo

  3. I've been thankful for car rides to help the time when we were quarantined at home. Now we are back to semi quarantine since we are a hot spot here in Arizona but we can still do lot more than we did back in March/April and first part of May. I said "enough is enough" in May and started seeing son and his family on a more regular basis. I'll never quarantine from them again if we are all healthy.

    Seems like the routine you have established is a good one. Staying away from the news is vital. I call it the "rag" and we have bets how long it will take before we get irritated with what they are reporting. It is usually within 3 minutes. We just try to watch the evening news most days.


    1. With all of the unknowns, uncertainties and contradictory information we have had to digest as this pandemic evolves, everyone has had to establish their own priorities. I think family time is among the top of the list.

  4. Lynda you write so beautifully! I pray for you and Ross all the time!I'm no stranger to sickness but it still makes me scared to go out to the stores. Keep safe! Aggie

    1. Thank you Aggie! It's so wonderful that you have all of your beautiful family around you at this time. You keep safe too!

  5. We're becoming a hot spot. Sigh. I thought we were doing so well, and then they opened things up... Glad to hear you're well. That's the main thing. This year is different, that's for sure.

    1. UGH! This virus! These hotspot! Hang in there!

  6. Yes, I know what you mean about the hugs and kisses. Sounds as though you can enjoy some outdoor activities, watching animals and birds. Also, going for walks, however short. How is Ross doing?