Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Move This Here and Put That There And Cozy Afghans Too

This weekend we had a tease of cooler weather.   I am happy to be living in a locale where there are definite season changes.   It's perfect for someone like me.  I tend to get get fidgety when things stay the same for too long.  I suppose it's the reason I frequently re-arrange my furniture.

I reflectively and mindfully understand that re-arranging things is a way for me to have control over something, while at the same time distracting myself from worrying about things that I have no control over.

An important factor that usually preempts a re-arranging episode is the acquisition of a new piece of something that I have to find a place for.    In a way, I suppose the acquiring of things is another example of a benign way to rearrange my "life".

I would describe the moods of acquisition and re-arranging to be obsessive and compulsive, respectively.

Ross will testify, in awe, of the many times he has left the house, only to come back to find a huge armoire moved from one room to another or the bedroom flipped all around.

The most recent rearrangement happened yesterday at 6:00 a.m.

There was a course of events precipitating this one, which I will attempt to describe.  It may seem rambling and have no context, but at the end it will all make sense.

I am an enthusiastically compulsive knitter and crocheter.  In conjunction with my hobby, I have joyfully acquired and accumulated massive quantities of gorgeous yarn.  In knititng/crochet lingo these yarn quantities are referred to as stash.

Most crafty people are constantly either oohing and ahhing over their stash or they are having extreme feelings of guilt.  It's a back and forth kind of experience.

For the past month or so I have been in the guilt stage of my stash.

I thought the best way to accomplish an effective de-stash was to knit and crochet blankets or afghans.   Blankets and afghans use up a lot of yarn.

So in two months I completed one afghan and am halfway through another.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that over many years I have knit or crocheted over 50 blankets and afghans.  Most of those have been given away as gifts.

I also have quite a collection myself.  Some are slung over the backs of sofas and chairs. Others are folded at the foot of beds.

I have come to understand that these creations, which have become a welcome part of our home,  provide comfort and warmth for not only us, but for many of our guests.
They are within easy reach and are often the first object the kids grab when they settle in to spend the weekend.

They trigger memories of my mom's last days when she stayed with us.  She loved our bright sunroom and would often nap on the sofa, covered up with an afghan that she herself had crotched.  That afghan, now lovingly draped over "her" sunroom sofa is a bitter sweet reminder of my mom.

As I worked on my recent afghan project,  I stopped now and then to admire the design of the stitch and the color choices I made.

When I looked at the individual blankets here and there around the room, I began to see them not only as comfort pieces, but as works of art.   It was then that I decided they should be displayed that way.  At that moment,  the compulsion to find a blanket rack kicked into high gear.

I began the search with our local second hand shop.  It was my lucky day because I immediately found a rack in very good condition.  I think I paid five or ten bucks for it.

But, I could only fit three blankets on it and I definitely have more than three.   It took me a couple of days to find another one.  Which I did at Goodwill.

Now I had two blanket racks displaying three blankets on each one.  But I had no place for them.
They needed a special place.

On a sleepless Monday, at 3:00 a.m. I began planning my furniture re-arrangement.  By the time I got up out of bed at 5:30, I knew exactly what was going to be moved and where it was going to be moved.

When I am in my re-arrangement mania, the adrenaline is pumping.   I can lift, haul, carry and push if necessary, heavy and awkward pieces of anything. By the time Ross got up that morning, I had moved around and or swapped two chairs, a lavender wicker desk with matching chair, a table, a foot stool and a storage chest.   I'm not quite sure I like the wicker desk in that spot.  I think it needs a piece of art on the wall above the desk.
I do like the blanket racks and the way they show off my creations.

I am content...for now.

 Are you a "re-arranger" or are you one who "likes things just the way they are?


  1. I'm just exhausted reading what you accomplished in your re-arranging! Ross must be a heavy sleeper to not hear you moving around things? I kind of like where the wicker table and chairs are, but again I haven't been to your house to see how it "flows." I didn't get any decorating genes so the only time things get moved around is when we move from house to house or we get rid of a piece of furniture. Otherwise, things pretty much stay put.

    You do create wonderful pieces of art!


    1. Thanks, Betty. I'll tell you my back did hurt for a few days after that move. :) . Ross is a sound sleeper. But, sometimes he just tries to stay out of the way of the Tornado Lynda. I'm pretty sure I don't have many decorating genes either. When we first moved into our house, 18 years ago, we did have a decorator come in. She was a minimalist and we are not. So, that didn't work out.

  2. Hari OM
    I rarely shift stuff... but then I spend an AWFUL amount of time in the first place working on display! I love your racks. I quite understand how this serves as a point of focus against other thoughts. A fairly benign reaction and one with visual benefit! YAM xx

    1. Oh, I completely understand what you mean about spending time on display. I do that too :) I do believe that it would help if we downsized out stuff. We just have too much stuff!

  3. Yes I rearrange all the time. It gives a whole new look.

  4. Hi Lynda ,I sometimes rearrange my furniture ,usually a different layout for Summer to Winter when I like the sofas closer ,cosy in front of the fire .A tip for moving heavy items such as wooden cabinets ,is to walk them corner foot to corner foot leaning unit towards you but not lifting .Another tip I discovered is to lift front of sofa feet onto a sheet and then pull the sheet ,I have wooden floors so the sheet slides with furniture on top. Please be careful with your back .I find moving furniture around gives a room some new life .xx

    1. Hello Sylvia, I have used the corner foot to corner foot method many times. I also have sliders to put under the feet of the sofas. Moving stuff on hardwood floors is a much easier task than on carpet.
      Thanks, I will be careful. :)

  5. I completely understand.

    My mother was a rearranger. We would frequently return home from school to find the furniture rearranged. We had a "summer" and "winter" configuration to the home, but they weren't always exactly the same from season to season.

    Alas, now I don't have the room to rearrange much. But I tinker. It's nice to keep things moving. It's like keeping the energy in the house from getting to stagnant.

    1. I never thought about the energy in the house. But it makes sense. I like that way you put that because I do feel a new energy once I am done with the re-arrangement.