Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Because I'm Worth It!

I've decided to obsess about my hair.  It's interesting how easily I can distract myself from my current reality.

I let my hair go gray (or is it grey?) about four years ago. While I did it strictly for practical reasons, I fell for the kindnesses I received from various people who gushed about how beautiful my hair looked.

The practicality of not coloring my hair is two-fold.  First,  I don't have to take the time to get a touch up every three weeks.   Speaking of that, I came to realize that if I didn't have that touch up every three weeks, the streak of gray along the roots was too obvious to fool anyone into thinking that chestnut brown was my natural color.
I did not like the mess of doing my own at home. Anyway I wasn't doing such a good job of it.  So I would get it done at the salon.  This brings me to the second practical reason of letting my hair go gray.  It gets expensive.

First Time Application
*$65.00 & Up
Retouch on 4-6 weeks
*$60.00 & Up
Retouch w/ Blow Dry
$70.00 & Up
Retouch w/ Haircut and  Blow Dry
$80.00 & Up


About the same time that I stopped coloring my hair, I also let it grow a little longer than I had been wearing it. 

That was a savings too.  Not as many trips to the salon to get a hair cut. 

Reading about why our hair grays is pretty depressing. 

Science of Grays
Your hair follicles have pigment cells that make melanin, a chemical that gives your hair its color. As you age, these cells start to die. Without pigment, new hair strands grow in lighter and take on various shades of gray, silver, and eventually white. Once a follicle stops making melanin, it won’t make colored strands again.
Gray hair is thinner than hair with natural color because its cuticle is thinner. Your hair needs that natural protection from water, ultraviolet rays from the sun, humidity, chemicals, and heat styling. Without that barrier, your hair loses water. So your gray will feel dry, fragile, and coarse.

My hair is more white than gray.  It is definitely dry, fragile and coarse.
Lately I have been giving serious thought to cutting my hair short and dying it a color.

I was talking to Judy, the woman who does my nails, the other day.  She told me that, "You should absolutely color your hair!"
"Get it cut really short and spiky," she said.  "And, oh, get some really funky glasses too!" she said.

  While Judy was going on about what I should do with my hair, I envisioned something like this:

Judy's alternate suggestion was more interesting to me.  She told me about a treatment I could get which would "make you have teenage hair!"
My ears perked up at that.
"Really?"  I asked.
She assured me, "It's wonderful!" she said.
"I get it done all the time," she said.
I think she saw the puzzled look on my face as she caught me looking at her hair.
"Oh, I am due for one," she said.

The treatment Judy told me about is called Keratin
Keratin is the protein in hair that makes it strong and lustrous. It tends to be weaker in curly and textured hair, which can result in dryness and frizz. Keratin treatments are a game-changer for people with tough-to-tame locks. Performed in salons by professionals, the treatments coat the strands with the protein to make them smooth. Some treatments make hair pin straight for months, while other formulas simply eliminate frizz. Choose the right keratin treatment for your hair type and styling needs to get the most from the smoothing wonder.

I'm interested.  I mean, come on!  Teenage hair! 

I've made an appointment for Thursday to get this miracle treatment.
By the way, it's not very practical.

Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Brazilian Keratin
*$300.00 & Up
*Prices may vary according to hair length, and thickness.
Up Charges are based on extra time, perm and kits used
(includes shampoo, conditioner and style)

Oh, no, I'm not paying $300 and up!   I getting the mini-keriten, which is only $145! 
To have teenage hair!  Come on!
As L'Oréal says, "I'm worth it!"

My Before Photo

Stay tuned.


  1. Hari OM
    Okay - now am ready for the 'after' shot! I don't have money for any such treatment, but neither have I ever been inclined to it. Apart from one brief spell in teenage years, I have had long hair always below shoulders and sometimes down to waist length. Once a year, I throw it over the bath and take the scissors to it myself, just to keep the ends tidy. I started greying in my late 30s and toyed with colour for a while, but gave up because of the expense, the mess and the time it took. I have lived grey for the last fifteen years. The thing that bothers me most is that it is half the lustrousness it was - and comes out in handfuls with every combing. Definitely have 'male pattern baldness' gene and am learning to accept that I will never have the hair I had as a teenager!

    On the other hand, on the recent trip down under, for the first time ever I indulged in an eyebrow 'threading' and the girl offered to henna my brows for better facial definition. That was the best $50 I've spent in a while; five weeks on, it is holding up well and definitely gives a younger appearance to the visage, despite the grey on top! YAM xx

    1. I will for sure be putting in an after shot, good or bad.
      I like the way you take care of your hair. Throw it over the tub and clip, clip. That's great!
      I agree about the loss of luster. It's upsetting to me. I guess there are worse things that I could worry about, though.
      My brows are still dark, which I guess is a good thing. But if they start to gray, I would definitely be willing to try the henna.

  2. I look forward to your after photo! I hadn't heard of this teenage hair thing. Now I'm very curious how it will turn out. I was like you; I colored my hair for so long and one time hubby went with me to get it done and at the end he said "wow, that was expensive." And like you I had to get it done every 4-6 weeks. So I just stopped coloring it. Its a mixture of my natural hair color and gray. People who cut my hair are always commenting how pretty it is; not sure if they are just being polite, LOL!

    I can't wait to see the final results!

    A lady at church who is our age has her hair colored blue. I'm tempted sometimes to do that.


    1. I hope the after shot is distinguishable from the before :) .
      Yeah, that hair salon stuff does get expensive. I have a feeling that your hair is as pretty as they say :)
      I thought about a lavender or blue, but I am not that adventurous.

  3. I looked gray/grey up. Both are technically correct. One is more popular in the US, the other in Great Britain. So, take your pick.

    I look forward to your after picture. Sounds like it'll be fun. Have you considered going purple or teal? It's very popular now.

    1. I'll go with grAy. It's the one I usually use. I have considered purple, but not seriously :)