Saturday, July 8, 2017

Dream On

I’ve been spending most of my spare time throughly engaged in my obsession.   Which for those of you who don’t know, is knitting, crocheting and buying yarn.
I have recently carried my obsession to a new level by starring in my own show on YouTube where I talk about what I have knitted or crocheted, (commonly known as a finished object or FO) what I am in the process of knitting or crocheting (this is referred to as a “work in progress or WIP) what new yarns I’ve purchased (or acquisitions) and what my plans are for this new yarn (future projects).
could try to describe the feeling I get when I am among mesmerizing hues and shades of  soft squishy yarn that I cannot stop myself from petting, smelling, and finally totally immerse my fingers into.
could go on and on about how yarn, knitting and crochet helps me deal with life things, how it satisfies, in the most gratifying way, a need to be creative and how when I have a FO to show off or give away, I visit a zen place that is equal to the “mountain top”.
I am not alone in my obsession.  There are many internet based groups available where literally millions of us gather to discuss all of it.
For those of you who are not obsessed, I hear you yawning, loud and clear.
I completely understand that if you are not part of the movement, you probably have stopped reading or perhaps you’ve skimmed through the “boring knitting/crochet/yarn” stuff.
The sad thing about my obsession, though, is that I have stopped writing.  I miss writing.  I miss it because I know it can also bring about a zen “mountain top" experience but perhaps in a different way.
When I write, I figure things out.   I go to places I would normally unconsciously avoid.  I create characters that are at times vaguely familiar, yet often obviously recognizable.
I miss playing with words and phrases.
I have gotten lazy and I feel my imagination is atrophying.
When I knit, I can multitask.  The repetitive motion is soothing, and I can mindlessly watch TV or listen to a book.
When I write I need to be still and quiet.  And even though there may be puppy and hubby distractions, I find I can completely immerse way down deep into an inner world of unexplored terrains.
I recently passed what I consider to be a milestone in life years.  It’s cliche to say, “It’s only a number.”  My body often reminds me that it’s the many minutes, days, weeks, months and yes, especially years stacking one on top of the other which define the strength and stability of that number.
It’s a number that makes me stop and wonder if there is enough time to continue to work on the stories I’ve started (WIP’s), finish the series (FO’s), and plan for future stories.
The thing that ties both of my obsessions together is belief that I will have given the best parts of me to those I most treasure.

For some reason this Aerosmith Song kept playing in my head while I was writing this piece.

Dream on.
Dream On Lyrics by Aerosmith


  1. I have always loved Aerosmith. Now I will have the song playing all day in my ear. I have missed you. I have lost track of your You Tube channel. Maybe I didn't know you were doing knitting videos! Heck, I don't know. Yes, get back to writing. Finish some of those wonderful stories!!

    1. Hi Paula, Funny, that song has been running around in my head all day today too :) I have missed you too. I need to catch up with you. Oh yes, my knitting YouTube channel is called “Joey’s Scarf”.

  2. Maybe promise yourself to write a few hours a week, or even briefly daily? I find myself amotivational or apathetic about some things I may want to do or should be doing and find myself reading too many sad books when I should be more productive. I keep telling myself Monday will be the day I change; lots of Mondays have gone by LOL. It's a way to escape, perhaps the way yarn and crocheting and knitting is for you?


    1. Hi Betty! Like you, I also make promises to myself about a lot of different things.
      Perhaps there is a a subconscious purpose for your interest in sad books. It may be fulfilling a need for you right now.
      As you said an escape. I feel we all need those in order to cope sometimes.
      I like your idea of “promising” to write a few hours a week. Smaller goals are easier to achieve.

  3. There are writing times. There are knitting times. I find it harder to knit in the hot summer months (I find crocheting is easier than knitting when it's hot). But I know what you mean. As you know, I too have heard the siren song of yarn and patterns.