Thursday, April 6, 2017

I Have A Daughter #AtoZChallenge

Blogging from A to Z Challenge
April 2017
This month I will be participating in the “Blogging from A-Z Challenge” 
What is it?
Blogging every day.  It starts on April First with a topic themed on something beginning with the letter A, then every day in April, (with the exception of Sundays)  another topic continuing through the alphabet ending with, of course the letter Z.
I really don’t have a theme.  Some will be fiction.   Mostly whatever strikes my fancy.

I Have A Daughter

Mothers and daughters share a bond that is not the same as mothers and sons or fathers and daughters.
I believe it goes beyond gender empathy.  For  I don’t think that fathers and sons share the same level of understanding that mothers and daughters do.
When our daughters are born we nod our heads and whisper in their tiny ears, “Ahh, yes,” finally understanding the melancholic concert of joy and sadness passed on to us by our own mothers.


  1. My family has one of those all female pics. My mother is a baby in it. Those are so cool.

  2. I don't know why I just thought you had 3 sons. Love the picture though!


  3. I do not have a daughter. Just two sons. But I have two granddaughters now. And they are special. But so different than the boys!