Tuesday, March 7, 2017

An Introvert Who Maybe Secretly Wants to Be a Little Less So

What?  No, it can’t be.  It’s March already and no posts yet.  Oh my goodness!

I’ve been struggling with back, hip and knee issues.  I am angry about it too!  Okay, now that we are caught up :)

I just finished recording and uploading the sixth episode of my YouTube knitting podcast called Joey’s Scarf.
It has been an interesting experience, especially for an introvert like me.   First of all, it is strange and a bit uncomfortable to sit in front of a camera and talk.  Although, I suppose it’s like practicing a speech in front of a mirror,  trying to come across relaxed, natural and at ease. 
As I am editing the video, I notice every “uh”, hesitation, and misspoken word.   Not to mention, my wrinkles, saggy neck, and frizzy hair.  Yeah, it’s kind of hard to watch myself.  
Now, of course, with Smart TV’s people can watch these videos on their 42” screens.  Yikes! Now that is scary.  
In fact my son, sent me a text two nights ago with this photo

That’s him with his feet up watching me on his big screen TV.   I was surprised that he would want to watch.  After all it’s a knitting video.  But, actually I am secretly thrilled!  
No, I’m not an internet sensation.  And no, “Joey’s Scarf” has not gone viral.  I’m pretty sure I would not be able to handle something like that anyway.  You know it’s the introvert thing.  
But the group of viewers that have been watching have made my heart swell with the most kind, supportive, and encouraging comments.  
I have definitely stepped out of my comfort zone with this endeavor.  And that’s a good thing for me, the introvert who maybe secretly really wants to be a little less so. 



  1. AS an introvert myself, all I can say is WOW. Better you than me. I've thought about maybe doing a monthly vlog...and post it on my blog. I'm not as brave as you are. Good work though.

  2. How cool it is that you did step out of your comfort zone and made the podcasts! Cool too that your son watched it :) I don't think I would ever feel comfortable doing such a thing; heck I don't even have any pictures of me on my blog :)


    1. I certainly surprised myself. You’re not a selfie person huh? :)

  3. Just because you're an introvert doesn't mean you don't want to interact with people. You just want deeper relationships.

    1. I like that Liz. I never thought of it that way, but I guess that’s very true. Thanks.

  4. Sometimes stepping out of one"s comfort zone is just what the doctor ordered :)

  5. Very proud of you! I would not have guessed you were an introvert! Good job!!