Thursday, January 26, 2017

Giggling and Jiggling

Today is Thursday, January 26 2017.  This has been a gray and dreary January here in Barnegat NJ. We have had only five sunny days this month.  Four of the sunny days have been on Sundays.  Interesting, huh?
This year we have not had more than one consecutive day of sunny days.  And the “sun will not come out tomorrow” or the next day or the day after that.
No wonder I am SAD.  Yes, I believe I have been affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder.
But, hooray, after two days of a horrific nor’easter, yesterday was one of those five sunny days.
At aerobics, as we grapevined, jumping jacked, lifted and squatted, our collective spirits were visibly lifted by the most beautiful of blue sky.  The usual grimaces were replaced with smiles, winks and nods.  No grunts and groans yesterday, instead we ahh and oohed as we danced to the music in our sun filled ballroom.
I wonder if those who live in “sun almost every day” climates jiggle and giggle more often.


  1. We have a similar phenomenon here; you had the sunny days on Sundays. We have had rain every weekend since the new year began. Thankfully this weekend is supposed to be sunny and even warm up a bit :)

    I always like the sun over the dark cloudy days.


  2. For us, last Sunday it rained. A lot. (They closed a couple freeways as they were under water.)

    I don't know if we giggle more. We feel it when it's overcast for too long. Have you considered getting one of those bright lights that they say helps with SAD? I have no idea if they help, but they might be useful.

  3. I cannot imagine living where the sun doesn't shine more often. I promise to stop complaining about my weather!!