Monday, August 29, 2016

Notes and Notables and a Rico Update

Notes and Notables

Ross and I had stuff going on the past few weeks and the stuff will continue into the next couple of weeks.
Some of it is hum-drum, some not, but all noteworthy.  At least I think so.   And since it's my blog I guess I get to decide.

So, the painter, after a 6-week delay due to a family thing (his family) will start painting our house on September 19th.  Last week we went to the paint store and picked up a half dozen quart cans of various paint colors.  We currently have patches of paint samples on our walls all throughout the house.  We probably started applying the patches of paint too early because the more I look at the decisions I've made the less I like them.

Picking colors for an entire house is hard!

In June of this year, our area was hit with a hail storm.  A few weeks ago we noticed some of our neighbors were having their roofs replaced.  At first, we didn’t think anything of it.  The houses are in our community are starting to age.  The older ones were built about 20 years ago.
Ross stopped to talk to one of those neighbors and found out that their roof was damaged during the hail storm.  We decided we should have someone check ours.   Apparently, according to the roofer,  our roof has storm damage.  We contacted our insurance company.  The adjuster came out last week.  Now we are waiting to see if our insurance will pay for a new roof.

Okay, this one isn't so hum-drum and in fact, it was quite scary. Ross spent a good part of his early days outdoors, life guarding in the summer and skiing in the winter.  He admits that he was never diligent about applying sun block.  Last month he noticed a few suspicious looking areas on his skin.   He went to a dermatologist who removed and tested several spots.
One of the tests came back positive for squamous cell carcinoma.   On Thursday Ross had surgery to have it removed. The doctor also took out part of the area around the original spot and had that tested.    That result was negative and the doctor said it is unlikely to recur.  Whew!

Last week I met my long time friend, Cathy for breakfast.  Cathy and I have known each other for 60 years.  Although we only meet every couple of years, we have managed to keep up with each other's lives.
A few days after our meeting, I received a thank-you note in the mail,  my actual mailbox!  I don't remember the last time I received something in my actual mailbox that wasn't a bill or an advertisement.  It was a nice surprise.
"I know we'll continue to keep in touch and am truly happy that our friendship has remained steadfast all these years and will continue to do so."

How lovely is that!

Last weekend Ross went up to his hometown, which is about 100 miles from here, to attend a 55th high school reunion committee meeting.
After the meeting, one of his classmates took him aside and told him how much she enjoyed reading my blog.
That next day I received a note from Kathy (yes another Kathy).  Even though this was an electronic note, it was just as much of a nice surprise.
"Hi Lynda, I asked Ross to tell you but wanted to let you know myself that you are an amazing writer. I don't follow blogs or do much on the internet but I read some of your blog and was blown away by it. Keep it up. You have a real gift."
Wow, Kathy, I am shyly and humbly appreciative.   Makes me want to resurrect "Me and Marymae".

Yesterday we had what we hope to be the start of a regular thing.  A once a month Sunday dinner with the family.   We all have busy lives.  Well okay, Ross and I not so much.  After all, we are retired.  But making time, like we did yesterday, was a special treat.

Up and coming:
Perhaps a new season of “Sundays with Lynda and Ross”.  Maybe after Labor Day.  
Ross' 55th high school reunion is at the end of September.   I'm not sure I will accompany him.  I haven't decided yet.  But most likely not.
Last week we found out that a favorite aunt, my mother's sister, is ill.  She is in our thoughts.  I hope to get over to see her this week.
Also, we are planning a long overdue visit to see Ross' sister Joan.  Maybe in October.  That might depend on how Rico is doing.

Speaking of Rico,  he continues to have sleeping issues but at least not every night.  Although, one of those nights was last night. It’s one of the reasons I had time this morning to write this post. Since I was up with Rico at 3:00 a.m.,  I overslept and missed my 8:30 aerobics class.
I feel, at this point, it seems that Rico still enjoys hanging out with us and...well it’s hard for me to think of the alternative.

So that's it for now.  In my next post, I am going to address how I feel about Facebook and the way it has changed so much in the last couple of years.

Legacy Fiber Artz - Etsy
I am also going to talk about my addiction to YouTube podcasts, knitting podcasts in particular, and why it has started to become a very expensive hobby habit.
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  1. I don't know how I missed your last post about Rico. Poor little guy. I have no advice on what could be wrong with him. Maybe insomnia due to old age? It is hard when those pups get older.

    Seems like you have had a lot on your plate for the past couple of weeks with more ahead in the coming up weeks. Glad that Ross' skin exam/treatment went relatively well. I think a lot of us from that generation and below didn't take much concern for our skin. I remember lathering myself from head to toe in baby oil to get a good tan. Nowadays I think "what was I thinking then". Hopefully the insurance company will pay for the new roof. Usually what happens here is someone will make a claim for the insurance, get the check and never get the work done. Isn't that kind of sad?


    1. Yes, seeing Rico suffering with age is tough.
      I remember the baby oil thing also. Exactly, what were we thinking?! If the insurance pays for the roof, we will get it replaced and then put solar panels up.

  2. Happy to hear that Ross is going to be okay! I look forward to the return of your Sunday You Tube videos. You guys are so cute together. How long have your been married?? Good luck with getting that roof repaired!

    1. Thanks! Ross and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary on July 7th.

  3. Busy, busy, busy. And yes, knitting can get quite expensive. If only we would knit from our stashes rather than constantly buying new...

    1. I have so much stash that I'm sure I could never knit it all. I keep trying though :)

  4. beautiful sharing it reminded me the knitting of my mom have blessed week dear