Sunday, February 14, 2016

Jelly Rolls and Bella

Oh, no I didn't meet my two posts goal last week.  Hmm, that's not encouraging for the upcoming A-Z blogger challenge.
Does that mean I should make up for the one I missed by writing three posts this week?  I didn't figure in a contingency plan.  I guess I was overly confident.
But, since it is my goal, I do make up the rules.
Contingency Plan A:
If I don't make the goal of posting twice a week, "Try Harder Next Time"!
How's that sound?

It's bitterly cold today.

That's me as I'm writing this.  Yes, with a hat and scarf in the house.  

Taken from inside my somewhat warm house looking out my front window
 I'm probably warmer than this poor guy.   

My eleven-year-old granddaughter is having a sleep over with us this weekend.   
We bought her a sewing machine for her last birthday.  She thought she might want to make a quilt. 
I tried my hand at it many years ago.  At the time I was gung-ho.  I took a six-week class. After the first lesson,  true to form, well my form anyway,  I had to have all of the paraphernalia that one apparently needs in order to be a "quilter".   

Then there were the few extras that I found when I went "quilt paraphernalia" shopping, including several "How To" books and  a cool "fit all of your quilting stuff in this bag" bag. 
By the end of the course, I was able to complete a small,  I guess you would call it a "wall hanging".  I think I gave it to Bella for her dolls.
But,  I decided that spending six weeks of cutting up a whole piece of fabric into strips or squares, and then sewing those strips or squares back into a whole piece of fabric wasn't something that would continue to hold my "gung-ho-ness".
After a while, I gave away all of my paraphernalia to a real quilter.  Who, by the way, makes the most gorgeous, heirloom quality quilts. 
Yesterday, Bella and I watched a few YouTube videos on quilting.  The first one was titled "Easiest Quilt Ever".    Next we watched,  "Quilting for Beginners -  Easiest Quilt for Beginners Ever".
In one of the videos the instructor mentioned something called a "jelly roll".  I had to know what that was, so I searched and found "Jelly Roll Jam - Shortcut Quilt Series". 


Today, we are probably going to brave the cold and head on over to JoAnn Fabrics in search of Jelly Rolls.   Perhaps by the end of the day, we will have made the "Easiest Quilt for Beginners Ever."

To be continued... 


  1. Sounds like a fun adventure for you and Bella and I'm sure she'll enjoy her quilt that she makes :) Does sound frighteningly cold there indeed! Try to do your best to stay as warm as possible!


    1. We did have a good time. It’s snowing here now, but the temperature is supposed to rise during the night.

  2. I've heard the term jelly roll. I prefer my sewing projects to be small. Like superhero capes. There are a couple good sewing shows on PBS that show off easy projects. I believe one is called Sew It All.

    1. Superhero capes. What a neat idea. I have 5 grandsons. They would love something like that!

  3. How fun for you to have a Granddaughter you can sew and quilt with.

    1. It was and is fun to have a Granddaughter. She is my only girl. I have five grandsons.