Thursday, November 19, 2015

When I Knit For You

When I Knit For You
When I knit for you, I  meander the aisles, caressing and squeezing each and every bundle.  I carefully select the perfect one and press it lightly against my cheek, ensuring that it will be soft enough for yours.
 I see all of your colors, from the scarlet of passion, and the periwinkle of abandonment to the ocean of calm and the fog of sadness.
I explore the knit-osphere, seeking lace and cables, stockinette and ribs.
I untangle and wind, then plot and chart and track and count.
I settle in and settle down in my easiest of chairs, my legs tucked up and under.
I cast out old worries,  hypnotized by the rhythm of clicking sticks.
I drop one and miss two. I curse and snarl, tink and rip out before I stubbornly  begin all over again.
I fondly remember our time.  I think of you when you were young and when you are now and hope for your tomorrows.  I wonder if you will remember me.
I soak my pride.   I fuss and straighten, pinning my hopes of perfection.
I unabashedly stand back and admire my craftiness.
When I knit for you, fluffy thoughts of your being feather the nest of my daydreams.   I imagine you smiling, wrapped in loving warmth.


  1. Those you knot for are very fortunate that you knit for them :)


  2. Which is why if you don't respect my gift, I won't knit for you anymore. (Most people get how much work goes into such things, but some just don't get it.)

    1. I know what you mean. Sometimes I worry that when I give a handmade gift the recipient might feel an obligation to like it or wear it. But most of the times I hope that's not the case.

  3. Lovely, almost makes me wish I could knit!