Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Twenty Fourteen Winter Holidays Part IV - The Six Gatherings - The Second - ET Came Home?

For the Record:
The Twenty Fourteen Winter Holidays
Part IV - The Six Gatherings

 The First:      December 21 - Domani’s Christmas Pageant 
* The Second: December 24 - Christmas Eve at Elaine and Al’s
   The Third:    December 26 - The Day After Christmas Christmas Turkey Dinner
   The Fourth:  December 26, 27, 28 -  Bella Spends Time With Us
   The Fifth:      December 28 - The All Get together in Franklin Park
    The Sixth:      January 1,2 - Jimmy, Tara, Kenny and Ty Stay Over 

* The Second: December 24 — Christmas Eve at Elaine and Al’s
Ray & Pat’s Poinsettias
Elaine’s Always Cool & Unique Ornament Gifts

We have been gathering together on Christmas Eve at Al and Elaine’s for quite a few years now.  
When my mom was still with us, the number of gatheree’s was greater, of course.  But, since she passed away, it has mostly been the six of us.  That would be me and Ross, Al and Elaine and Ray and Pat.  
Aside from the obvious fact that we are siblings and siblings in-law, another reason that we have drawn together on that particular evening is, well, quite frankly divorce. 
We all have had at least one other marriage in another life.  This often leads to the quandary of who the kids are going to spend the holidays with. 
Of course adult children with families of their own and whose parents  have had long lasting marriages also face this dilemma.
This year, as the six of us sat down to dinner, we recognized how understanding we all were about the situation.  We let the kids make their decisions and the six of us have decided to be graciously okay with their choices.  
We know that we will see all of our children and grandchildren at some point during the holidays.
So on Christmas Eve we spend a quiet adult evening together.  Actually that doesn’t sound too bad, now does it? :)
Dinner conversation is usually quite lively, with much back and forth banter and a lot of giggles and laughter. 
There is one topic, though, which invariably is a recurring one.  Perhaps that is because of the nature and meaning of Christmas Eve. 
The discussion inevitably turns to our origins.  The “Our” I am referring to in this case is the whole of Us, as in mankind.  Our humanness, in fact. 
Personally, I am open to any and all possibilities.  After all there are many questions with no answers, so why not consider all and any.  
The scientists among our group are also receptive to all theories, scientifically speaking that is.
And then there is that one opinion put forth which makes us all want to talk at once.  
I’m not quite sure I can do this one justice by trying to describe the whole idea because it certainly is unique and might even be beyond my open minded galactic consideration.
But suffice it say that my one sibling’s speculation of how “we” got here goes beyond “Our” own seemingly insular earthly planet. 
Since, we don’t get to see each other that often, there is the catching each other up conversations.  What our kids are up to.   Where we’ve been.  There are reminiscences of past Christmases and fond (and maybe some not so fond) recollections of child hood memories.
So these Christmas Eve celebrations have become a memorable familial tradition for the six of us. 
And, since the future is one of those unknowns,  I’m going to go with the possibility that we will gather again next Christmas eve at Al and Elaine’s. 
Barring any Pod kidnappings, that is.  :)


  1. Sounds like a good tradition you have with this gathering of family.


  2. That's a lovely tradition. Why we think we have to see everyone on Christmas is an issue. That's why there's a whole season's worth of time to get it all in.