Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ocean City NJ Vacation - by Guest Poster Isabella - Preserving the Memories Part II

Ross and I spent the week of August 16th-23rd with Jen, Derek and the grandkids in Ocean City NJ.
I am writing these next few posts to preserve precious memories for my daughter, son-in-law and grandkids and maybe even great-grandkids.

I thought it would be interesting to get another person’s perspective on our beach vacation.  
I asked my favorite 10 year old grand daughter Bella to be a guest poster today. 

On August 16, my family and I went on our family vacation. My grandma and pop-pop bought rented a beach house. It was on the first floor and we were only 4 blocks away from the sandy hot beach. Read on to learn what we did on the beach, boardwalk, and how we spent family time together.
                  Like I said we went to the vast beach. We went every single day! My 11 month old baby brother loved to play on the breathtaking beach for the very first time. Except he wasn’t very fond of the loud, crashing waves. The first day we went there we even built a (small) sand castle around our umbrella.
                  We also went to the mind blowing crowded  boardwalk. We went to Pirates Cove and Wonderland. (Which has all the cool rides.) My dad and I went on a ride called Double Shot. It was completely terrifying. You sit on a seat then it takes you high in the air and propels you down while you still are in your seat. I don’t recommend it if you hate the dropping feeling in your stomach. Also we got hermit crabs named Winnie and Onyx. We did a lot of shopping to conclude our time at the boardwalk.
                  Finally, the best part was the family time that we all shared. On some days everybody would go down to the beach AND boardwalk. It was so nice to have family time.
                  As you can see I had the best time at Ocean City, New Jersey. I’ll always remember the time we had at the beach, boardwalk, and with my family.


Thank you Bella.  I would love to have you contribute your writings more often. 


  1. Bella is adorable (as is the rest of your family). Reading her words, you wuld never know she is 10 years old. She writes really well! Great idea to have her write a guest post from her perspective! I love her descriptive words she used, too. Very nicely done!


    1. When I asked Bella to write this post, she asked me if it should be written as a personal narrative. I said “um, sure, I guess.” :)
      I agree with you. She did a “mind blowing” job!

  2. Yeah, I'm not a fan of the stomach dropping feeling thing. Sounds like she had a good time.

    1. Even though Bella knew about that “stomach dropping” feeling, she had to try the ride! I had a hard time watching her on it!

  3. Replies
    1. I’m sure Bella will appreciate the compliment!

  4. Years from now you can both look back at this post and recall this wonderful summer memory. Nice job, Bella!

  5. Yes, I hope to bind some of my posts into a book to hand down to the grandchildren.
    This proud grandma, also thinks Bella did a nice job :)