Friday, October 5, 2012

He is All of The Tomorrows

Domani is here today for a visit with Grandma and Pop-pop.  In a few days he will be celebrating his 2nd birthday.
The memories of Joe's visits here with his son are achingly vivid.   The little blue booster seat I picked up at the second hand shop last year is the same seat he sat in today.
I remember Joe making doubly sure the seat was securely fastened onto the kitchen chair before he buckled Domani in.
Today, when I was changing his diaper, I remember kneeling next to Joe as he changed his baby's diaper.  And I remember marveling at how good he was with his son.
This afternoon Domani and I went for a walk.   I let him lead the way.  He was fascinated by the stop sign at the corner.  He looked up at the octagonal shape and then down the post.  He grabbed onto the post and shook it, looking up to see if the sign would move.  As I watched him, I could picture Joe telling Domani all about the sign, what it meant, how it was installed into the ground and even why it moved when he shook it.
Today, is October 5.  Ten months ago, on December 5th,  my son and Domani's father, passed away from stage IV colon cancer.  Joe was 36  and Domani was 14 months old.
 Domani is a treasure, a gift that Joe gave to all of us.  He is the promise of all of the tomorrows that Joe didn't get the chance to live.
Anne is remarkable and I know she will continue to ensure that Domani's life will be good and that he will always be surrounded by love.
But my heart aches from the pain of the loss of what should have been.
I miss my son.


English translation of doˈmani

A. adv

B. nm

  • il domani = the future

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  1. Thank you for this tender and beautiful post. I especially like the photo of Domani in Joe's shoes. I remember when you mused after taking it that you hoped he would not have to fill Joe's shoes for real anytime soon. I so wish that were the case, but seeing this photo does remind me that he has so much of Joe in him. And that is encouraging.