Thursday, June 23, 2011

Outside A Long Ago Bedroom Window

The first 9 years of my life I lived in the town of Nutley in New Jersey.

Other famous people :) who also lived there include these two: 

In the late 1940's and mid 1950's row houses were constructed to provide homes for the growing population of the Baby Boom generation.  

This was what they looked like:

That was our house.  That's my little brother on the porch.  I think I remember that there were two bedrooms in each place.   I shared a room with my sister and brother.

In January of 1956 we moved to Edison, NJ.
Another famous person who also lived there was her:

We moved into this brand new house:

It had three bedrooms.  My sister and I shared a room and my brother got his own room.  

In 1959, 1960, and 1961, my mother and father had three more children.  

So then my sister and I shared our bedroom with our two little sisters.  We slept in bunk beds.  I had the top bunk.

My brother shared his room with our new little brother.

Our bedrooms were in the back of the house. I could sit on my top bunk and look out of a window.  
When I looked out of my bedroom window I saw a split rail fence which bordered our property.  A few pear trees lined the fence.   There were three holly trees right in the center of the yard.   We would cut the branches of green holly with red berries and bring them in to decorate at Christmas time.  A big old crab apple tree sat in one corner of the yard.  That tree was very messy.  In the spring time my mother's favorite pussy willow tree bloomed along with the bright yellow forsythia. 

I vividly remember one particular snowy morning.   I was sitting on my bed with a pencil and paper drawing the wintery scene.   I recall the snow caps on the fence and the red berries on the holly trees. 

Do you remember what your view was from your childhood bedroom window?


  1. I grew up in sunnyvale California. I think ice skater Brian Boitano grew up there (or at least practiced ice skating there) many years after me, We moved to Sunnyvale from San Francisco when I was 7 in 1955 (did I just give away my age?). The view from my bedroom window was the "way back yard" where the laundry line was and where my mom had a vegetable garden in the summer. I loved to hang up the laundry, especially sheets and towels. Weird huh? Then I'd make it a challenge to take them down and fold them as I went so I wouldn't have to fold later. 

  2. You keep famous company up there in NJ! I used to share bunk beds with my sister when I was little also! We had the best times making forts from the lower to the bottom bunk!