Monday, May 23, 2011

Moon Child and the Sign of the CRAB

Today's letter is the letter C.

I was born on July 1.   That means that from the day I was born I have had a connection to the word Cancer, astrologically speaking of course.

Is this really me?  

Cancer - The Crab
June 21 – July 22
Cancerians love home-life, family and domestic settings. They are traditionalists, and enjoy operating on a fundamental level. They love history, and are fascinated with the beginnings of things (heraldry, ancestry, etc.). The moon is their ruler, so they can be a bit of a contradiction and sometimes moody. However, they are conservative, so they’ll be apt to hide their moods from others altogether. They have a reputation for being fickle, but they’ll tell you that isn’t true, and it’s not. Cancerians make loyal, sympathetic friends. However Cancerians need alone time, and when they retreat, let them do so on their terms.

Well I have to admit I can relate to some parts of it.  

Yes, the word Cancer has had meaning for me from the day I was born.   

I have a vivid childhood memory.   I am sitting in the dining room of my Grandmother's house.  The adults were talking in hushed voices, whispering about the lump that the Doctors  found on Aunt Anna's neck.  I remember putting my hand on my neck to feel if I had such a lump.  And I remember feeling scared.

I hate Cancer.   I hate all the pain, heartache and suffering it causes.  I hate that each and every one of us, at some point in our lives will have some connection to the word Cancer.

Many of my family members have battled Cancer.   

After my sister's wedding and before the  reception, the bridal party made a trip to the hospital to visit my Grandmother .    She died a month later from Cancer. 

My Dad died from Cancer 21 years ago.     

I cared for my Mom in my home during the last few months of her life.   She died from Cancer two days before Thanksgiving in 2009.

January 20, 2010,  my 36 year old son, Joe, was diagnosed with incurable stage IV colon Cancer.  

Cancer is one of the reasons I write this blog.  Writing the blog gives me the opportunity to occasionally peek out from underneath the blanket of bravery and stiff upper lip.

The blog gives me the voice to be able to "say" the word Cancer out loud and not in a hushed whisper.   It allows me the ability to experience and express my feelings of hopelessnes, anger and sadness.   

I can sit and cry in private while I write about how much my son means to me.  The blog gives me the chance to reflect on what an inspiration he has been and continues to be for me.

When it came to the letter C.  I knew I had no choice but to write about Cancer, because you see from day one it has been a part of my life. 

This is a very informative website with lots of information on colon cancer:

This site is an inspiring one with stories of survivors of colon cancer:




  1.  *hugs* Didn't want to read and run but have nothing that says what it should. So, *hugs*

  2.  From another July baby "Cancerian,"  and someone who also lost family members to Cancer, I can truly say I feel for what you wrote.  As a young child, I didn't know what Cancer was and so when I found out, and knew that was also the name of my astrological sign, I was very disappointed.  Stay strong, as we Cancerians can.  I wish you luck and peace.

  3. What a brave and moving post. Thank you. 

  4. Thank you for sharing

  5. I'm not sure what to say, except I think you've very strong and brave.