Anna's Diary

Oh, My, How Uncivilized!  Anna's Diary - 1929

I was going through the stuff on my book shelves and came across an old diary that I had picked up at an auction a couple of years ago.  I kept meaning to read it but have not had a chance until now.

The writer is a woman who lived in Newark, New Jersey.   Her first name is Anna. I shall not reveal the last name.  The diary contains a whole year's worth of entries starting with January 1, 1929.  She also started to record entries for 1930, but those only go up to March 28.

One of the things I find relatable is that my grandparents, after emigrating from Italy,  settled in Newark and lived at 67 Irving St. for the rest of their lives.  My Dad was born and raised in Newark.   Actually, I was born in a hospital in Newark, but grew up in other towns in New Jersey.

For as long as my grandparents were alive, we would visit every Sunday.

I thought it would be interesting to include entires from this diary in my daily posts. The entries give a glimpse into the daily lives of those living in New Jersey in 1929.  To bring it up to date, today, my post will contain those entries from January 1, until today's date, January 21. Then each day, at the end of my own post, I will record this woman's entry for that particular day.

Reading this journal is like solving a puzzle.  Anna refers to many different people in her life and as the daily entries go on, I have gotten to know by, deduction, what part each individual plays in her life.

When Anna refers to someone, she will generally include first and last names.  In most cases I have copied the entries word for word, exactly as written.  However, in some cases I have left out last names and have only included the first initial of the last name.

She refers to "360" a lot.  I have concluded that this is the address of her mother's home.

So here are the entries of January 1 - January 21 1929

Tuesday, January 1
New Years Eve Supper at Mothers.  A visit to Mother-in-law.  Home and bed at 12.  Awakened 4:30 by bunch for waffles and coffee until noon.  Dinner at Mothers.  Movies at night. Jim-Marie Ted-Lou Jewel - Rick Slim -Peg Jean - I.

Wed., January 2
Had lunch at Rae N's with Junior.  Stopped at Frances G's on way home as her husband is ill with flu. Finished book "Harness" by Arthur Hamilton Gibbs.

Thurs., January 3
Down Town Shopping.  Baby at 360.  Went back for supper.  Jewel & Rick came back home with me.  Played bridge until 11 o'clock. Had coffee and sandwiches. Then to bed.

Friday, January 4
Sarah R here to do the laundry.  Slim and Nick P. stopped in to do some odd jobs for me.
Visited at the Connelys on Ridge St. after supper.  Just talked, we three.

Monday, January 7
Ted here overnight and brought Junior home to 360.  Met Edythe down town for lunch.  Shopped for Jewel's birthday gift.  Bought modern luncheon set and pair of linen pillow cases for her chest.

Tuesday, January 8
Felt very depressed. Met Jewel at 5 o'clock.  Left ad for anniversary Mass at News office.  We went to Ralph's for hair trim.  She came home for supper with me. Rick in Trenton at Banquet.  Jewel stayed over night.

Sun., January 13
Mass at St. Michaels 11:30.  Dinner at Mrs. N's. Had fun with Baby's entertaining whole family.  It put Mr. Nap in a better frame of mind.  He is getting cynical and bitter.

Monday, January 14
Home all day.  Helen C. came over at night with Edythe and Clarence.  Marion A. and Jewel here for supper.  Gave Jewel her linens for her birthday and she was delighted.

Tuesday, January 15
Went shopping in New York all day with Jewel and Edythe.  Baby at grandmas for the day. Brandford with Peg and Jean right from NY shopping tour.  Dead tired.

Wed., January 16
Stayed all night at 360 and spent the day.  Had tea with Frances G. at Bambs [She is referring to the department store Bamberger's] tea room.  Met mary B and went home with her.  Gave Junior Jersey suit for Birth.

Thurs., January 17
Home all day- Rain, sleet and ice outdoors.  Very hard to walk. Rosalie came from school.  Jean went to Y.W. phoned to meet me at Mt Prospect 8:30. Edythes birthday.

Friday, January 18
Had Sarah, the laundress all day.  Elsie over for a while this morning.  Frances came for lunch.  She phoned Rae N about their lodge trouble and almost straightened it out.

Sat., January 19
Rae here afternoon and stayed for supper.  Jewel & Rick stopped in played bridge for awhile.  Took Rae home and home and in bed by ten.

Sunday, January 20
Mass at Lady of Good Counsel 11 a.m. Baby at Elsies.  Stopped there on way back for a while.  All went to Grandma M's about 5.  Saw all Leonardis family there.

Monday, January 21
Home. Loretta S. for lunch.  Mary and children here all afternoon.  We went to see Mrs. Nap and then to see Grace and Baby Marion.  Met Jean and supper at Mario's.

What I find remarkable is the difference in the way people interacted with each other in 1929 as compared to today.  There was a lot of in person visiting and socializing.  I wonder what Anna would think about the way we socialize, in 2012, many times via text messages, Facebook and Twitter.  I have a feeling she would say
"Oh my, how uncivilized."

Today's entry from Anna's Diary:

Tuesday January 22, 1929 
Mary brought Vera to stay for the week.  Mr C. and Lucietta came to bring me a wedding invitation for Sunday.
Wednesday - January 23, 1929
Girls from Kearney to play bridge.  Served luncheon.  Marie came for supper.  Louis I. and wife came in evening.  Also Jewel & Rick played bridge.
Thurs. January 24 1929
Home all day. Vera and Junior play well together.  Rosalie came from school.  Went down town. Bought marble bust of Jeanne de Arc.  Edythe called for me to go to star party.
Frid January 25
Nasty weather.  Cold, Icy and hail all day.  Indoors all day long with Vera and Junior.  Jewel came for supper.  Stayed over-night.  Jean went to Flo D. with Peg.

[So I have found out, from that Rosalie, Jewel and Jean are her sisters.  I am surmising that Junior is Anna's son.]

Sat. January 26 1929
Carrie took children out on sled. Met Jean down town. Lunch at Kresges. Jean bought dress in Emily shop.  Jan Georgette Peg Edythe & Clarena over. Heavy debate.
Here is today's entry from Anna's Diary:
Wed. February 27 1929
Met Frances for lunch at Bambs.  Shopped. Met Jewel at five to go to Tacks to look at setting for her stone from Rick.  Walked home to 360 from down town. Junior there for supper.
Here is today's entry from Anna's Diary:
Thurs. February 28 1929
Down town 9 a.m. Sale at Kresge's on coats. Bought a gray Kasha for Jean.  Also bought wonderful values in shoes at Bambs for Jean and Jewel.  Baby at Elsies.
There was no February 29 in 1929.  
But Anna did write this in that spot:
E. feels badly about her marriage. Very unhappy over her mistake and they seriously intend to break up their home.  It's hard to believe and very sad that it should have happened. 
Here is today's entry from Anna's Diary:
Friday March 1 1929
Beautiful and glorious day out.  Mary with Marie here for lunch.  Elsie came over and we all went for a ride.  Stopped at Grace on way back.  Had tea.  Baby Marion getting sweeter and dear.
Sat. March 2 1929
Lunch at Dolly Madison with Edythe.   Went to Tacks with Jewel to select the ring.  Saw Dorothy Gish play in "Young Love" at Broad. Supper with Edythe. Confided in me about marital troubles.
Sun. March 3 1929
Bad nasty head cold.  Missed Mass. Went to Grandma M's with Junior after dinner.  Home about 7.  Jewel and Rick over evening.  Jean at Peggy's overnight.  Billy with us.
Mon March 4 1929
Home all day.  Nasty cold. Rain. Listened to inauguration of Pres. Hoover over radio today.  Very impressive.  Marion for supper.  Edythe & Clarence. had talk about E's trouble. Serious.
Tues. march 5, 1929
Home all day.  Rained. Hail. Frances over for the evening.  E. stopped to show us her new coat. Marie for supper. Michael called for Frances about twelve from lodge.
Wed. March 6 1929
Brought Junior to 360.  Met Jewel and E. for lunch.  Jewel got her ring.  Very pretty.  Walked to 360 from Tacks. Supper. home about nine.  Radio. read. Baby sound asleep.

[Recap:  Jewel is Anna's sister. I believe E. is a friend.  At least I am pretty sure she is not a sister.  360 is Anna's mother's home, her house number.  Jewel has gotten engaged.  Tacks is a jewelry store.]
Thurs. March 7, 1929
Jean home. Interview for Essex County Chapter.  Didn't get it. Visited Maggie and Louise. Also Mrs. Poole. Supper at 360.  Home early.  Mrs. Brown phoned re: new owner  of house.
Sat. March 9 1929
Went to bank to deposit my B&L Check withdrawn.  Lunch with Jean, Peg, Edythe.  Schuberts to see George Arliss in "Merchant  of Venice".  Edythe & I went to Egyptian tea room.  Fortunes read.  Corinne, Ted, Rosalie, myself to Lowes. All stayed over night.
Sun. March 10 1929
Church at eleven.  Dinner at Mrs. Naps.  George Leis there visiting.  Played bridge after dinner.  Jean to sorority meeting.  Stopped in at Naps about eight.  Left for home.  Baby to bed.  Read and bed. 
Mon. March 11 2012
Home.  Drove to Belleville in afternoon with Junior to see if Helen came home.  Not there, but saw Celie from Boston.  After supper went to Mt. Prospect with Rosalie to see "Fazil".
Here is today's entry from Anna's diary:
Tues. March 12 1929
Baby at Eloise's for the nap.  I went to Presbyterian Hospital to see Helen.  Miss Johnson supervisor of Nurses showed me the entire building.  Club in Belleville at Helen Horssman.
Here is today's entry from Anna's Diary:
Wed. March 13 1929
Girls met in Arlington at Mrs. Saps. Corinne & Ted for supper.  Went to church play Gladys M. was in.  There was dancing afterwards.  I did  not dance.  Met Elsie & Dick. Mr. & Mrs. Wittenburg there.
Thurs. March 14 1929
Went to Frances and from there we went to Mrs. Lombardys for dinner.  She has one of the most gorgeous homes I ever saw.  Lives in Maplewood.  Supper at 360. Home early with Baby and Rosalie.
Here is today's entry from Anna's Diary
Friday March 15, 1929
To N.Y. to shop for Gladys' coat.  She bought two one for Sunday another for school.  Today is my Michaels birthday. Thirty-one years of age and gone forever.  Went to church to say a Rosary for his soul.
[Now we know that Anna is a young widow.]  

Here is today's entry from Anna:
Sat. March 16 1929
Home until five.  Edythe called - went to Hoboken in her car to get tickets for show.  Dinner there.  Rode in rumble seat.  Went to St. Pat's card party at Peg's about 9.  Baby at 360 over night.  Home with Jean & the Segraves.

Here is today's entry from Anna's Diary:
Sun. March 17 1929
Attended Mass at "Lady of Good Counsel". Got a flat tire.  Bought two new ones.  Dinner at Mrs. Naps.  We rode to Livingston to see Toni's house for sale.  Stopped at 360.  home. Bill with baby at night. 
[Bill is Anna's brother].

Here is today's entry from Anna's diary:
Mon. March 18 1929
Home in morning.  Elsie over for a while. Talked about sad tragedy of yesterday.  Plane at Newark Airport  came down and killed thirteen.  Mrs. B. phoned me to go to Kresges' for card party. I won prize.
To read more about this plane crash click here.

Here is today's entry from Anna's diary:
Tues. March 19 1929
Went for lunch at Jean I. with Junior.  Rode out to shop for awhile.  Stayed there for supper. Jean came from work also.  Baby took a late nap and awoke cross so came home early.

Here is today's entry from Anna's diary:
Wed. March 20 1929
Kearny Club met here.  Elsie and Minnie came over also. Played Michigan [rummy, I assume?] Supper at 360.  On way stopped to inquire about Lena.  Louise quite upset about her.  Gland trouble Also stopped at Meg. 

Here is today's entry from Anna's diary:
Friday March 22 1929
Drove Elsie down to her seashore home.  It was beautiful out and very warm.  Home about seven.  Junior stayed overnight at 360.   Mrs. Hewit, Mrs. Carr, Rae and I went to bridge.  Stuck for gas coming home.

Here is today's entry from Anna's diary:
Sat. March 23 1929
Home all morning.  Met Edythe at Broad to see Fay Bainter in "Jealousy". Very depressing but superbly acted by both characters.  Home. Jean went to Peg's.  Baby in bed.  All alone very depressed.

Here is today's entry from Anna's diary:
Sunday March 24 1929
Palm Sunday
Went to Grandma M. for dinner.  Mary, Tom & children there.  Grandma nor Grandpa did not come home. [I think she refers to her son's grandmother as Grandma M.  In the last sentence I believe she is talking about her grandparents.] With Edythe in country.  Back to 360 where Jewel was being engaged with big dinner. 
[Jewel is Anna's sister]

Here is today's entry from Anna's Diary:
Monday March 25 1929
Brought Junior to party given by Peggy Lou S. in arlington.   They had flash light picture taken and he looked very sweet in his party suit.  Home about 6:30 and bed early. 

Here is today entry from Anna's Diary:
Tues. March 26 1929
Junior invited to Gloria Casales party who was four years old.  Quite a bunch there.  At night the Belleville club met here for first time since my Ridge St. residence. 

Here is today's entry from Anna's Diary:
Wed. March 27, 1929
Went to N.Y. with Edythe.  She bought three dresses.  I brought one home for Rosalie who was taking care of baby.  Nothing for myself.  Very tired and early to bed.

Here is today's entry from Anna's Diary:
Holy Thurs. March 28, 1929
Slim home from college.  Drove me to bank on business.  Brought baby to see live bunnies and chicks in Kresge Dep. Store and Bambs.  Supper at 360.  home early and bed.

[I believe Slim is her brother]

Here is today's entry from Anna's Diary:
Good Friday March 29 1929
Spent quiet afternoon visiting Helen Carr.  Slim using car.  Cold for me and made a short visit to church with Jean.  Picked up Junior at 360.  Home early and bed early.
Here are yesterday's and today's entries from Anna's Diary:
Sat. March 30, 1929
Rained all day.  Cold dreary.  Met Jean downtown to buy Junior's Easter basket and bunnies.  Then brought flowers to Cemetery.   Fixed grave.  Very lovely.  Slim drove me over.
Easter Sunday March 31, 1929
Dinner at 360.  Beautiful day out.  Cleared up fine.  All in yard at 360 playing tennis and jumping rope.  Felt rather downhearted and lonesome all day. 
Here is today's entry from Anna's Diary:

Monday April 1, 1929
Shopped in morning.  Home in afternoon.  Mary and Agnes came over until about 6:30.  Drove them home.  Went to 360 for supper.  Jean & I went to Cousin Meg's.  Took a note for some money.
Tues april 2, 1929
Spent afternoon at Frances'. Stayed for supper. Junior with me. Brought Dora H. wedding gift.  At night with Mariano girls.  They took me home first.

Here are yesterday and toda's entries from Anna's Diary:
Wed. April 3, 1929
Home in Morning Afternoon club at Jules. Won prize. A perfume candlestick. Received a call to go to Naps for supper as Grandma M. there.  Stayed till nine.
Thurs. April 4, 1929
Wash day.  Home all morning. Brought Mrs. D. letters from Solio to Newark to buy typewriter for her daughter.  She was very very grateful for all my time.  Rosalie & I went to see Greta Garbo, Jack Gilbert.

Friday April 5, 1929
Elsie phoned me to go to N.Y.with her.  Shopped for a coat and dress.  Rained.  Home at five. Violet for supper and Rosalie.  Listened to true story hour on radio from 9-10. Bed.
Sat. April 6, 1929
Fifteen girls went to Hoboken to see old melodrama. "After Dark."  Presented as in the eighties.  We all had supper in German restaurant and home at eight.  Quite cool.
Sun. April 7 1929
Very hot
Went to St. Francis.  Helen Carr over at noon and we went to 360.  Stayed for supper.  Edythe phoned to ask us to ride out to Dunelen.  Extremely warm so enjoyed the ride.

Mon. April 8, 1929
Baby at 360. Went to Yvette Parlors for my first turkish bath.  Very invigorating.  Met Edythe at four to go to Dunellen to see Mis Beck, fortune teller. Back for Seven.

Tues. April 9 1929
Home, cleaned dresses in Hy-test gasoline.  Rosalie came from school.  After supper drove Mr. & Mrs. Louis I. to Montclair to Fiores with Mrs. Nap.  Then to Belleville Club.

[I did a little googling and apparently it was a common practice to use gasoline as sort of a "dry cleaning" method.  Not very safe, though or sweet smelling, I would imagine.]

Wed. April 10 1929
Elsie, Mimie and I went for lunch to Elizabeth M's in Arlington.  Spent pleasant afternoon. At night Marietta with George and Corinne came.  We played bridge and I served. 
Thurs. April 11, 2012
Home in morning.  Afternoon Elsie, Minnie and I invited to Rae's for lunch.  Got a flat tire and arrived there 2:30.  Stayed until 5:30.  home. Put Baby to bed early.. He had no nap and was tired.

Friday, April 12, 1929
Brought baby to 360 by trolley.  Went down town. Met Jean at YWCA.  Took membership card out.  We walked home to 360.  Then home and bed early.  Very tired from walk. 

Here are yesterday's and today's entries from Anna's diary:
Sat. April 13, 1929
Home all morning.  Carrie with Baby. Met Jean. Went to see play "Night Hawk" with Enid Markey.  All went to Grandma M's for supper.  Mary, Tom there with children. 

[If you care to read a review of the play from a 1929 newspaper, click here.]

Sun. April 14, 1929
Went to Mrs. Nap for dinner.  Put baby to bed for a nap and drove Mrs. Nap and the I's to Montclair.  Back at seven, Picked up Jean and Junior and home at 9. Peg stopped in.

Here is today's entry from Anna's Diary:
Mon. April 15, 1929 
Francis and Mrs. Mayer came for lunch.  Stayed until about three.  Mrs Mayer volunteered to fix my black georgette dress.  Y.W.C.A. Meet.  Kate Rogers there.
[Georgette is a sheer fabric of silk or other silk-like material that has a dull, matte, crepe surface. A georgettedress would likely then be a dress made of this material.]

Tues. April 16, 1929
Had appointment at Yvette Beauty Parlor. Met Jewel and Edythe for lunch.  Rained madly.  Went to Anges C's birthday party in Kearny.

**Pages from April 17 & 18 were missing.

Friday, April 19 1929
Home until three.  WEnt to 360.  Left Junior there and down town.  Met Jewel after school.  we picked up Jean and went to see cousin Jeannette from Rhode Island.
April 20, 1929
Home all day. Carrie here to hep clean.  Had a dinner for Mr. & Mrs. G., brother Charles and Grace. Had a very sociable evening.
Sun. April 21, 1929
Made raviolis and brought down to grandma M's for dinner.  Elsie brought chickens, Mary pastries.  All had dinner together in celebration of completion of bank.
April22 1929

Rained all day.  Felt bBlue.  Elsie called and felt same way so we both wen down town with Junior.  Found Grandma M had be the house while we were out.

Tues. April 23 1929
Went to 369 and left Junior there.  When I got back found Grandma M. there.  Her Bad Day. Junior fell had mark on forehead.  Raised cain. Had club at Flo Valentine’s Brought girls. 
Wed. April 23, 1929
Elsie, Minnie, Jean I., Junior and myself went to Frances’ for lunch.  She had spaghetti dinner and all remarked they had wonderful afternoon.  Rushed home for supper.  
Thurs. April 25, 1929
Rained all day.  Rosalie home from school.  Felt sick. stayed in bed. [me too, Anna.] Jewel came from work, stayed over-night.  Thunder & lightening kept me awake nearly all night. 
Friday, April 26, 1929
Sunshine again.  Lunch at Mrs. Wittenburg’s.  Lovely.  Stayed home all evening.  Jean & Junior to bed very early.  Stayed up alone.  Felt blue, depressed. 
Sunday, April 28, 1929
Had dinner at Mrs. Naps.  Rained all day long. Played bridge with George and Marietta for a few hours.  Had light supper then home early to bed.
Monday, April 29, 1929
Went to help Mary who was taking furniture out of storage into apartment on Clifton Ave. Edythe had been trying to find me all day long.
Tuesday, April 30, 1929
E. came to see me and confided her state of affairs.  Very little advice could be give on this trouble but hope it all works our for the best. 

Wed. May 1, 1929
Went to N.Y. shopping with E. so she could rest her mind.  She bought a very lovely black silk coat for spring and bought two dresses.

Thurs, May 2, 1929
Home all day.  Junior now plays outdoors biggest part of the day but i am forever going to the window to watch him as I am eternally fearing harm.

Friday May 3, 1929
Home all morning.   Spent afternoon at 360.  Had supper there.  Jewel and Rick came bak with me.  They love my new Chinese rung in the dining room.

Sat., May 4, 1929
Went to Broad to see Helen Menken play in Congai.  Very wonderful.  Had supper downtown and Jean, Edythe and I went to Shubert to see Rio Rita.  Enjoyed it. 
[Helen Menken was married to Humphrey Bogart from 1926-1928. Congai was a play.  Rio Rita was a film.]
Sun. May 5, 1929
Went to 360 for dinner.  Edythe phoned.  Came over to 829.  Mrs Poole and Lorraine visited and drove them home.  Went to Edythe’s and then to Mt. Prospect with Jean and Edythe & Clarence. 

Mon. May 6, 1929
Went to Allenhurst with Elsie and Minnie to turn gas & elec. on in her summer home for Bill's party on Sat.  Dinner in Asbury. Home about 6:30.  Beautiful day.

Wed. May 7, 1929
Club met at Jule L's. We had a lovely time.  Her sister-in-law Marie came in. Belleville club met at night.  Won first prize.  Pair surtan pearl necklace.  [I couldn't find any information on what type of pearl necklace Anna wrote about.]

Wed, May 8, 1929
Home all day preparing for my birthday tomorrow.  Had a table of bridge at Washington from Mrs. Al. Mrs. C, and Mrs. Carr came with me.  I wind prize.  Pari of silver salt shakers.

Thurs., May 9, 1929
My birthday.  Twenty-seven.  Had Elsie, Minnie, Kitty, Helen, Mary, Mrs. B. Mrs. L, Mrs. C, Mrs. A, Mrs. M. ,Agnes and Edythe.  Ha a beautiful table for luncheon.   
Born ‘02

May 10, 1929
Home all morning.  Brought Junior to Florence W's party.  Jewel in Trenton today taking her bar examination.  She came home very tired. 

Sat. May 11, 1929
Had wonderful surprise given to me.  A surprise theater party to Shuberts.  Had Jane Cowl in "Paolo and Francesca".  There were ten girls.  They had tables reserved at the Green Parrot for dinner.  Planned by Edythe, Jeanne and Jewel.

[Click here for info on Jane Cowl in Paolo and Francesca]

Sunday, May 12, 1929
Whole family went to spend day in Hacketstown as it was Uncle Pete's birthday and house warming party.  Beautiful day and lovely acres of grass and trees.  Home eleven.

Mon. May, 13, 1929
Had club aluminum here today.  Ten girls came for the lunch.  After supper went with Edythe to look for an apartment as she is moving.  Found one in Arlington very reasonable.

Tues. May 14, 1929
Voted for Cavicchia for Commissioner. 
Home all dat until late in afternoon.  Went to 360.  Stayed for supper.  Home early to listen to election returns.  Same five got in.  Cavicchia came in seventh.

[I found some information about this election in an excerpt from the book How Newark Became Newark, by Bad R. Tuttle:]

“Newark's five incumbent commissioners ran for reelection in May 1929 under the joint slogan “Continued Prosperity.”  All five kept their posts, but the surprising runners-up revealed a definite shift among voters, who were more and more likely to be poor or middle class, and of Italian, Jewish, or African American heritage.  Finishing a close sixth and seventh in the election were a pair of upstart politicians who appealed in particular to the two ethnic groups growing in power and prominence: Peter A. Cavicchia, an Italian Republican and Meyer Ellenstein, a Jewish Democrat.
Six months after the election, the stock market crashed, precipitating in the Great Depression.  The “continued prosperity” promised by commissioners seemed a cruel joke.  Employment dropped in Newark by 25 percent between January and November of 1930."

Wed. May 15, 1929
Today was official opening of the renovated M... [Anna’s last name] State Bank.  Took Junior, Elsie and Minnie down.  Served pastry, wine, cordials.  Many people came and many baskets of flowers received. 

[After doing a google search, I found a little blurb about the family.  Apparently, the bank was owned by Anna’s in-laws. I’m not sure of the founder’s relationship to Anna's husband.   The founder of the bank opened a clothing store in 1885.  He was trusted by his customers who would often deposit money with him for safe keeping.  The banking side of the business slowly grew and in 1925 he incorporated the M, State Bank.  Anna’s husband was a cashier in the bank in 1927.]

Here is today’s entry from Anna’s diary:
Thurs. May 16, 1929
Charlotte here to wash.  Had to run down town to cash a check.  Back early.  Flo, Jean and myself went to Broad to see Violet Heming in “This thing called love.”

[Info on Violet Heming can be found here]

Friday, May 17 1929
Ordered Monument for headstone.
Rode out to Livingston to  show Mrs. Mayer Tom’s house for sale.  Jean I. and Frances came along with Junior and myself.  Lovely weather for the drive. Back early.

Sat. May 18, 1929
Met girls at one o’clock for lunch and went to Shuberts to see Mitzi in “Lovely Lady”. Muscial comedy.
Fair.  Back to 360 for baby and had visit to Grandma M.

Sun. May 19, 1929
Peg stayed last night.  We all went to las Mass.  Dinner at Mrs. Nap.  Home for supper.  Junior in bed with Rosalie.  Jean and I to Mt. Prospect.
Mon. May 20, 1929
Home morning.  Baby at 360 and downtown shopping afternoon.  Hewel and Rick came home with me.  Rick fixed Vacuum.  Jewel cut slip from material bought at 8 Arnato [apparently some kind of store I would imagine.]

Tues. May 21, 1929
Helen to clean for a half day.  Mary phoned. Came over with Agnes. Spent afternoon here.  Mrs. Nap phoned.  Wants to see me on important matter.  Went to Belleville club.  Grandma here.
Wed. May 22, 1929
Went to see Mrs. Nap.  O.K.
Club met at Elizabeth's.  I won prize but passed it on to next highest.  Have been winning too many all at once.  Rosalie home with Baby.  Jewel & rick came over after supper.  Raining out.

[I guess Anna didn't want to record what the important matter that Mrs. Nap wanted to discuss with her.]

Here is today’s entry from Anna’s diary:
Thurs. May 23, 1929
Went to Cemetery to see if headstone was put on grave.  Not yet.  Brought deed of plot to Mr. Larson.  Went to Mrs. Nap for supper.  She gave it for her nephew and niece leaving for Washington.

Fri. May 24, 1929
Home all day. Rained.  At night went to Eastern Star card party given by Francis Chapter.  Celie and I got a prize.  Drove Helen home.
Sat. May 25, 1929
Met Jean and Jewel for lunch.  Jean and I went to the Elks club to a bridge given for benefit of St. John's Orphan Asylum.  I won prize which was a pari of pillow cases.
Sun. May 26, 1929
Recived communion this morning.  My Easter Duty.  Went to Grandma M's for dinner.  Later went to 360 for awhile.  Then home for supper. 
Mon. May 27, 1929
Baby Marion's birthday today.  One year old.  Bought a little seater for her and grandma gave her a doll.  Had a talk with Edythe and she feels quit bad. 

Tues. May 28, 1929
Drove Elsie to her sister Flossies' for lunch.  Went to Mrs. Naps at four and then went to Cemetery to plant flowers on grave.  Took about two hours.  Rained.  Home-wet.
Wed. May 29, 1929
Very warm.  Baby to 360.  Belleville Club.  Went to N.Y. to see "Follow Thru."  Very good.  Dinner at Lorbers after show and we all took bus ride up 5th Ave. Riverside Drive.  

Thurs. May 30, 1929
Hot all day. Memorial Day.  Went to 360 for Mother and father.  Visited all grave of family and friends.  Home early.  Very long day and everyone away.
Friday May, 31 1929
Still Hot.
Home all day.  Too warm to venture out in the sun.  Gave Junior a bath to cool him off.

Went with Flo and Jean to see Mary Pickford in ”Coquette”.  I cried dreadfully and made me sick all night.  Bad effect on me.  Brought back all my grief and trouble. 
[I thought I could get a clue about what happened to Anna’s husband by reading a synopsis of the plot of this movie.  The connection could just be the death of the main character’s husband.  Click here for the movie plot.]

Sat. June 1, 1929
We have a new landlord.  A Mr. G. Hope he will too more .  Promised new awnings.  Went to Union with Jewel and Judge and Mrs. Sweeney to help plans for decorations of new house.

Sun. June 2, 1929
Peg, Ann, Jean, Junior and myself drove out to Hackettstown to see Flo.  Jam of traffic on way home so we decided to stay overnight.  Had a midnight supper in kitchen.

Mon. June 3, 1929
Still at Hackettstown.  Went to town shopping with Flo.  Then after lunch for a tromp in the woods. Left about four to pick Ann J. in Dover where she teaches and home.

Tues. June 4, 1929
Home all morning.  Mary phoned in afternoon to go to see Grandma M.  Tom on vacation.  Brought Grandma to see bank and then here for supper.
Wed. June 5, 1929
Kearney Club met at Pegs.  Had fried soft shell crabs and hot biscuits.  She has a wonderful cook.  Home for supper.  Edythe stopped to ask me to go to movies after supper. 

Thurs. June 6, 1929
Baby to 360.  Went to N.Y. shopping with Edythe.  She bought two dresses and velvet coat. I bought black & white ensemble to wear tomorrow.  Jewel came over.  Stayed all night.

Friday June 7, 1929
Junior and I went to Mrs. A.’s for lunch and bridge.  She had twelve guests and Junior for her little girl Alice.  Had a very lovely time and won prize of two beautiful handkerchiefs.
Saturday June 8, 1929
Slim came home today.  Received bad news about Catherine A.  Her sweetheart Walter passed away and she is taking it badly.  We are all so grieved over it.  God rest his soul.
Sun.  June 9, 1929
Baby 360.  Went to Roxy’s with Helen & Ceclie.  Took bus ride along Riverside Drive.  Home 9:30.  A beautiful day.
Monday June 10, 1929
Loretta Simmons came for lunch.   Went to Chiropodist [ a specialist for care of the feet].  Marion came for supper.  Slim stayed over night. [I think Slim is Anna’s brother.]

Tues. June 11, 1929
Went downtown shopping.  Lunch with Jewel.  Told me of her plans of a party Saturday night. Went to Edythe’s office for a visit.  Supper at Jean I.’s. Visited Naps later.

Wed. June 12, 1929
Took Elsie out for a driving lesson.  Home all day.  Gladys brought invitation for her graduation exercises to be held Friday at St. Vincent’s.  Jewel & Rick stopped in.
Thurs. June 13, 1929
Took Elsie out for a lesson.  Did fine.  Luncheon Bridge at Mrs. L’s in Tuxedo Park, South Orange,  Mrs. B, Mrs. C, Mrs. A, Mary, Mrs. N., Anges.  Baby at 360.  Very warm all day.

Friday June 14, 1929
Elsie passed her driving exam and now has her license.  Gladys graduated today in St. Joseph’s church.  Very impressive and Elsie and I both filled up.  Gave her a weekend bag.
Sat. June 15, 1929
Home all day preparing for Jewel’s bridge tonight.  All arrived late.  Started to play 10:15.  Three tables and Jean and I.  Served at table and played games.  Peggy stayed over-night.
Sun. June 16, 1929
Home all day.  Peg and I had a long talk about personal matters that had been puzzling her about life.  Tried to help her out and hope my talk helped in the right way.

Mon. June 17, 1929
Jean home all this week.  Part of her vacation.  Went to visit cousin Louise in Silver Lake.  In the evening to Grandma M. and then Grace.  Baby with us.  Quiet warm today.
Tues. June 18, 1929
Went to Budd Lake to see Minnie.  Jean brought Junior to the Lake and bathed with children.  We all stayed at the bungalow.  Supper Elizabeth’s club at Helen H’s.

Sat. June 22, 1929
Ordered awnings for the house from Bambergers.  Marie having her birthday party tonight.  Did not go.  No one to stay here with Baby. Sent our gifts over with Jean.
Sun. June 23, 1929
Dinner at Mrs. Naps.  Visited Mrs. Poole with Jean.  Later went to Cemetery.  Home about eight.  Bill with Baby. Peg & Jean came to Mt Prospect.  Jean’s vacation over tomorrow.

Monday, June 24, 1929
Home. Mary phoned from Belmar to do down for this week with Baby.  Had supper for Jan and left about 7:30. Arrived there about ten,  Mrs. Caruso had accident. 
Tuesday June 25, 1929
At seashore.  Rained all day.  Rode to Asbury with Mary to shop for her mother.  Stayed in all evening.  Played bridge with Mrs. Caruso, Mary, Mrs. B.  Went for cream.
Wed. June 26, 1929
At seashore.  Mrs. B. left for Newark by train with Mrs. C.  Went bathing with all the children.  Agnes C. came with children.  They have whooping cough and I hope junior doesn’t get it. 

Thurs. June 27, 1929
Seashore.  Went bathing with children.  After supper we took them all to Asbury to ride the ponies and the Merry-go-round.  Had them weighed and we won three boxes of candy.

Friday, June 28, 1929
Rained all day at shore.  Cold.  Home all day.  In evening rode to Long Brach to see Jewel who was stopping at Rick’s summer home.  Stopped at Allenhurst to see Elsie.
Sat. June 29, 1929
Brought Mary to Asbury for the week-end shopping.  Left for home about 6:30. Stopped at Rae’s to rat and stayed for supper.  Went to 360 for the night as Joan was out.
Sun. June 30, 1929
Stayed at 360 all day.  Ma went to Long Branch to get Jewel and Rosalie.  Came home about seven.  Both Junior and I so shanty to be back home.  House needs good cleaning. 

Mon. July 1, 1929
Very glad to be at home again.  Cleaned the house and stayed at home all day.  Jean glad to see Junior back again.  Read and listened to radio.  Bed early.
Tues. July 2, 1929
Home all day.  Phoned Helen C to talk about vacation in August.  She was sick in bed, her sister said, so that leaves things unsettled yet.
Wed. July 3, 1929
Edythe over for lunch.  She is going to drive me down town. Mae H. phoned. First time I heard from her in a few years.  Invited her for lunch Friday.
Thurs. July 4, 1929
Fourth of July.  Went to 360 and went to cemetery with Mother and Father.  Went to see Grandma M.  Took her out for a ride then went to Mrs. Nap to shoot Baby’s fireworks.
Friday, July 5, 1929
Mae Harrison came over for lunch.  We had a long talk.  She told me all about the trouble she is having with her husband and another woman very sad.

Sat. July 6, 1929
Home all day long.  Put and Charlie are in Newark from Quincy Mass.  Staying at upsula.  Ted invited them over for supper.  Corinne and Peg here overnight.

Sunday, July 7, 1929
Put, Ted, Peg, Charlie, Jean and I went to Peg’s at Fort Monmouth for dinner.  Then bathing at Belmar.  Walk in Asbury. On Pier in Long Branch.  Much traffic coming home.  Left 11:30.  home 2:30.
Monday, July 8, 1929
Corinne staying with me for a few days.  Stayed home all day.  She was expecting a call from Bert but missed it by not being at home.
Tues., July 9, 1929
Corinne still here.  We were home all day as sit was extremely warm.  After supper Bert came over to see her and Put and Ted, Jean and I went to Mt Prospect. 
Wed. July 10, 1929
Home Corinne still here.  I went to see her mother.  Had a talk.  Put and Charlie came over.  Made sandwiches in kitchen for them.  Very warm.
Thursday, July 11, 1929
Went to MRs.s Nap at 10:30 a.m. Drove Mr. Nap away to farm in Stockton, NJ.  Wargner’s farm for his health.  Returned at night about 11:30. Overnight at Mrs. Nap.

Here are the catch up entries from Anna’s diary:
Friday, July 12, 1929
Home all day.  Peg and Flo came for supper.  Went for a little ride then took girls home.  Bed early.  Very tired from driving Mr. Nap day and night yesterday.
Saturday, July 13, 1929
Home all day.  Jean home at one.  Had lunch.  She took a nap.  I had working streak on and cleaned house thoroughly.  George & Marietta came over in evening.
Sunday, July, 14, 1929
Jean went to Mass first.  Home and then I went.  Had dinner here.  Took a nap.  Then went to 360 later in the day.  Left Junior there and went to movies with Jean.
Monday, July 15, 1929
Home.  Went to bank to see books on insurance.  Talked with Dick about investments.  Decided to keep At&T and Penn R.R.
Friday, July 16, 1929
Home all day.  Went to 360 in afternoon.  Stayed for supper.  Ma & Pa away to shore.  Jean played tennis.  I came home with Baby.

Here are the past few days from Anna’s diary:
Wed., July 17, 1929
Received word from Princeton College that Bill passed his entrance exam unconditionally.  He won four year scholarship at $1000 a year for Princeton for 4 years.
[Bill is Anna’s brother.]
Thurs. July 18, 1929
Jewel got news today that she passed the “Bar”. Lunched with her and Edythe.  I went to 360 to get a big chicken dinner ready as Ma is away to shore.  Celebrated for Jewel.
[Jewel is Anna’s sister.]
Friday, July, 19, 1929
Met Jewel and Edythe for lunch.  Had a talk with J. regarding E. affair.  J. is going to ask Mr. F. for advice about it.  He suggested talking with both E and C.  She agreed. 
Sat. July 20, 1929
Home all day.  Went to see Grandma M with Baby.  Had supper.  Her bad day.  Went out to visit her friends.  Came to 360 with me afterwards until 1:30.

Sunday July 21, 1929
Dinner at Mrs. Naps.  Left about three to go see Mr. Nap who is away on a farm for his health with Margaret.  Stayed overnight.  Junior loves it. 
Monday, July 22, 1929
Came home today from Stockton, NJ with Mrs. Nap and Junior.  Good trip home.  Very tired and straight to bed.
Tues. July 23, 1929
Went to 360.  Baby caught his thumb in the car door.  Quite upset and Dr. Murray not in.  By night it was almost all better.  Transaction of Fireman’s Shares.
Wed. July 24, 1929
Went to Ocean Grove with Edythe to see her mother-in-law in her car.  Junior along.  Stopped at Allenhust for a while.  On way home stopped at Dream land Park.[couldn’t find any info on Dreamland park]
Thurs. July 23, 1929
Mary phoned. Met her and went down town to get info at the Provident Loan co.  She was very interested in it.  Home 4:30 for supper.
Friday, July 26
Today is St. Ann’s Day.  Edythe for lunch.  Drove back down town with her.  Charlotte here doing the laundry.  Supper at 360.  Went to Branford.
Sat. July 27, 1929.
Home all day.  Peg here from last night.  Lounged all day.  Jean home at 2.  Had supper at the “Green Door on Clifton Ave.  Went to Naps re banquet.
Sun. July 28, 1929
Drove Mrs. Cryer to N.Y. to ferry for boat to Boston. Mr. Cryer very thin and still sick.  Went to Cousin Meg’s for data on her car.  Home early.
Monday, July 29, 1929
Home all day.  Slim here to fix drainage.  Jean came home for supper.  Marietta phoned to ask about where to give Dinner Dance for Jeawel on Sept 15th pin honor of passing her bar.
Tues. July 30, 1929
Mrs. Nap phone to say she had a letter from her husband at the farm.  He is in need of several things and she asked me to driver her out on Thursday.
Wed. July 31, 1929
Home until noon.  Went to 360 and had long debate with Mother and Father on Paren Love to children. They misunderstood my argument entirely.  

Thurs. August 1, 1929
Went to Stockton with Mrs. Naps to see Mr. Naps.  Arrived safely.  Went for a drive to see Delaware River.  Rained, got lost.  Stuck in mud.  Had to push car.  Back to farm very late.

Friday August 2, 1929
Here at Farm until about two.  Left for home and arrived safe and no trouble.  Junior very tired.  Home and to bed very early.  Felt upset from yesterday's terrible in mud.
Sat. August 3, 1929
Home. Cleaned house good.  Jean home at 1;30.  Had lunch.  Took a nap.  Then to 360 for a while. Went to Mosque to see "Dolores Costello in "Madonna of Avenue A"
Sun. August 4, 1929
Mass at St. Michaels.  Went to see grandma M. Grandpa there too and had a long talk about his days of youth.  Stayed until nine and then home.
Mon. August 5, 1929
Went down town to get prices on radio sets as Father is interested in buying one to give Mother.  Told him about a special in Bambs [Bamberger's department store] and going down tomorrow to buy it.

Tues. August 6, 1929
Went to Mary's for lunch. Her cousin Mary M and Rose were there.  After leaving there, went to Bambergers to buy a radio for Papa as his gift to mother for the 9th.
Wed. August 7, 1929
Home. Edythe phoned. She was coming up for supper.  Clarence on his vacation at his mohters.  After supper went to Mt. Prospect.  She stayed all night.
Thursday, August 8, 1929
Home. Charlotte here for laundry.  Jewel phoned to give more names to send tickets for banquet.  Went to 360 after supper to see new radio.  Everyone is pleased with it.
Friday, August 9, 1929
Today Mother's birthday. Fifty three.  All gave her gifts at supper table.   Grandma M there to visit. Drove her home and then cam home early.  
Sat. August 10, 1929
Drove Nap girls to see their father at Wagner Farm.  Spent entire day there.  Home about 10.  Very tired and straight to bed.
Sunday, August 11, 1929
Rosalie here over night and she went to church.  Junior and I had late breakfast of pancakes.  About four went to 360 and we drove to Hacketstown to see Flo.

Monday August 12, 1929
Home all morning.  Went to see Louise after lunch with Junior.  Then went to see Grace and Baby Marion.  Home for supper.  Flo, Peg, Jean and I to Rialto.[movie theater]  Rose here.
Tues. August 13, 1929
Helen Carr phoned about riding to her sister's country home in Chester tomorrow.  Went down town. Met Jewel and Edythe.  E. is to go see Mr. Lowrne tonight with Clarence.
Wed. August 14, 1929
Left at ten to go pick Helen Carr.  Lovely trip.  Baby with us.  Went to Hackettstown first for lunch, then Flo drove with us to Chester.  Left H there and rode back with Flo.
Thurs. August 15, 1929
Stayed with Flo all night.  Baby is having a lovely day with little Josephine.  Jen is sick in bed.  Left late in afternoon to come home.  Found a letter from Elsie.
Friday August 16, 1929
Bill is at Plattsburg Training Camp for month of August.  We miss the kid at home but all get lovely letters from him.  Phoned Mary.  Cousin Joe L. passed away today.
Sat. August 17, 1929
Went to see Joe.  Broke down with Angie.  They take his passing away very hard.  So young.  Only thirty.  Saw Grandpa there.  Stayed until four in afternoon.  Jean bought Peach transparent velvet gown.

Sunday, August 18, 1929
Home all day.  Peg here overnight.  Left for 360 about 7:30.  Left Junior there and went to the Wake with Mother.  Stayed all night unit 7:30 in morning.  Grandpa there also.  Left him there.
Missing Days - August 19 & 20. 
[As I go through the diary, I notice that there are notations and certain passages underlined in pencil.  Before the diary was put in the estate auction, I believe a current family member went through the diary, made notes and removed pages].
Wednesday, August 21, 1929
Stayed in bed all day.  Feel very weak and tired.  Have been thinking over what the Doctor told me about my thyroid trouble.  I wonder how it will all come out.  Grandpa seemed worried. 
Thursday, August 22, 1929
Still in bed resting.  Feel a little stronger today.  Back aches still.  Expect to get up for a while tomorrow.  Restless in bed.   No one to talk to but Baby and Rosalie.  Day long.
Friday, August 23, 1929
Charlotte to clean a little.  Still feel weak.  Jewel sent black evening gown from Bambs [department store] for me to wear at her Banquet.  Chiffon with long tail in back and a lace wrap with a ruffle - rhinestones.   [someone wrote WOW in pencil under this entry].
Sat. August 24, 1929
Still in bed.  Mother came over to spend afternoon.  Corinne and Ted came over.  They all had supper here.  Read a book.

Sunday, August 25, 1929
Rested all morning.  Went to 360 for a while.  Then went to see Angie on River St.  Stayed real late and Rose came back with baby and I to stay over night.
Monday, August 26, 1929
Rose and I had breakfast late.  Brought Junior to 360.  Went to pick Mary on Clifton Ave.  Drove Rose home.  Mary and I shopped for Vera's party to be held tomorrow.
Tues. August 27, 1929
Today is Vera's birthday.  Went over at twelve to help a little.  About 25 children.  Twelve mothers.  Tom came home from business and made us all stay later.  Jean came over later.
Wed. August 28, 1929
Went to Allenhust today.  Just Baby and I.  Stopped at Tavern Smoke Shop for our dinner.  Baby Parade at Asbury but we didn't go.  After supper talked until 2 a.m.
Thurs. August 29, 1929
At Allenhurst.  Dick late for his train.  We went to beach.  Children only went bathing.  Cool Home early.  Had a nap. Supper.  Went out for beer and pretzels.
Friday August 30, 1929
Came home today.  Gladys came with me.  Took home the bird and the plants.  Elsie coming home on Monday.  Gladys staying with me until then.  Raining out and cold.
Sat. August 31, 1929
Gladys went to stay with Kay in Nutley.  Met Jean & Peg to shop.  Peg bought Gold Panne Velvet evening dress for Jewel's banquet. Then went to Shuberts to see"Sweet Adeline" with Helen Morgan, star. 
Jean dress for banquet is Peach Velvet.  Jewel has Orchid Chiffon, tight bodice, full skirt long in back, short in front. A deeper shade transparent velvet cloak to wrap around. 
Sunday, September 1, 1929
Gladys still at Kay's. Peg overnight.  Rose and Bill came voer. Girls still at Long Branch.  Home all day.  Very warm.  Bud came over to tell me their house had been robbed and left a mess.
Monday, September 2, 1929
Labor Day.  Home.  Gladys came back.  Hung around all day.  Later went to 360 for supper.  Brought Jean and Junior home. Went to Tivoli with Peg and Rosalie. 

Tues. September 3, 1929
Rosalie here with Baby.  Went downtown to buy jewelry to go with my evening dress.  Bought bracelet of onyx and diamonds with pendant on a chin for neck to match.
Wed. September 4, 1929 
Elise took her car out and took Junior and I out with her.  We went to see Grandma M. and Grandpa was there too.

Thursday, September 5, 1929
Home all day.  Not feeling very well.  Took it easy and let all the work go.  Junior very swee to me and tried to cheer me up and take care of me.

Friday, September 6, 1929
Charlotte here to wash.  Bad drying day but managed to get most clothes done.  Slim came over to bring car and stayed awhile.
Sat. September 7, 1929
Jean, Edythe and I had lunch at Kresges.  Then shopped for jewelry to wear next Saturday at banquet.  Bough tickets to see Elsie Ferguson in Scarlet Pages. [Scarlet Pages]
Sunday, September 8, 1929
Home all day.  Peg here.  Also Rosalie and Ted.  Went to 360 in the evening to leave Junior.  Jean, Ted and I drove to see cousin Louise in Silver Lake.  Lena still sick.
Monday, September 9, 1929
Jean's vacation this week and also Peggy.  Decided to stay home.  Raining out.  Flo came over after supper.  We went to Mt. Prospect.  Walked home with Flo.  Planned to go to N.Y. tomorrow.

Wed. September 11, 1929
Went down town with Jean.  Had lunch. Met Peg.  Decided to go to Shuberts to see "Scandals". Very good. Home early.
Thur. September 12, 1929
Went down town with Jean.  She bought hat, shoes and few little things.  Went to News and start with Jewels.  Picture for the paper.  Potter made up a newspaper print. 
Friday, September 13, 1929
Stayed home with Baby.  Jean went with Billy to buy his suit.  Peg and Rosalie went shopping.  JEan brought me soft shelled crabs on toast.  Jewels picture in News today.
Sat. September 14, 1929
Night of Banquet.  All girls looked lovely.  About 100 guests.  Mr. C and Mr. G spoke.  Jewel looked gorgeous with bouquet of orchids and lily of the valley.  Went to Childs afterwards, girls there. 
Sun. September 15, 1929
Home all day.  Edythe & Peg playing tennis.  Went to 360 for a while.  Junior there all night with Uncle Louis and his wife to take care of 360.  visited Naps.
Mon. September 16, 1929
Jean back to work today.  Didn't feel so well so stayed in bed nearly all day.  Jean home for supper.  Drover to Cousin Maggie after supper to collect for policy.  Peg came later.
Tues. September 17, 1929
Peg stayed over-night.  Brought Junior to 360.  Went downtown.  Had lunch in Kresges.  Peg bought a dress and shoes and bag.  Came home early.  Club met at Elsie's at night.
Wed.  September 18, 1929
Peg treated Bill and I to lunch at Bamberger's [Bill is Anna's brother] and to see "Good News" at Shubert.  Went to 360 for supper.  Home early.  Very cold out and bed early.
Thurs. September 19, 1929
Peg back to work today and is starting Barringer tonight.  Charlotte here for laundry.  Made furnace.  Quite cold.  Jennie P visited me all day.  Left when Jean came home.
Friday, September 20, 1929
Home in morning.  Met Jewel for lunch.  Couldn't shop.  Felt very melancholy. Came home.  Went to Elsies.  Had a crying spell.  Felt terribly blue and despondent.  Bed early.

Sat. September 21, 1929
Helen Carr phoned.  She is going to spend week-end here with me as Ray is going to the country. Cleaned house.  Had supper. Gang stopped from tennis court and all stayed.  Helen and I up till three.
Sunday September 22, 1929
Helen and I awake about ten.  Had late breakfast.  Jean and Ted went to church.  I put baby to sleep and cleaned kitchen.  Edythe came over for late lunch.  Took a ride to Singar's. Then brought Helen home.
Mon.  September 23, 1929
Parents drove Bill to Princeton and Slim to  Villa Nova this morning.  Went over for supper to hear the news.  Ted came home with me and Jean stayed at 360.  Went to Cemetery today.  Feel melancholy. 
Tues. September 24 1929
Went to visit Frances again with Junior.  Had lunch with her.  On way home went to Bambs andbought Baby his first bike.  He was so happy with it.  We took it right home with us.
Wed. September 25, 1929
Went to 360.  Nobody home.  Went to seeGrace for a while, then Ma came over.  She drove with me to Solio to see about a policy and make the visit also.  Drove Ma home and came back to my own home.
Thurs. September 26, 1929
Car at the garage getting brakes re-lined. Home all day.
Friday, September 27, 1929
Elsie here for lunch.  Left early.  Baby and I went to visit Elizabeth M.  Peg was there with her baby.  Home for supper.  Cousin Meg phone to go to see her.
Sat. September 28, 1929
Slept late this morning.  Bud came over to start simonizing my car.  Had lunch with me.  Went to 360 at night and Peg, Jean and I went to see Broadway Melody with Bessie Love.
Sun. September 29, 1929
Went to Grandma M's for dinner.  Grandpa and boys there.  All ate together.  Cleaned up then went to 360.  Had nap.  Went to see Helen K. for a while then met Jean & Peg to see "Four Feathers."
Mon. September 30, 1929
Went to Mary's for a few minutes.  She was sick in bed.  Went to Angie on River st. to go with me to see a friend whose husband died.  Stayed at Angie's for supper. Then home.
Tues. October 1, 1929 - missing.
Wed. October 2, 1929
Still raining very hard all day.  Junior and I stayed home all day.  Too nasty to go out.  Ted came home from school.  Jean did not come from supper.  Very quiet.
Thurs. October 3, 1929
Home all morning. Brought Junior to 360.  Went to see Nick Lucos at Proctol's.  Met Elizabeth M. at 2:30 and went together.  Had supper at 360.
Friday October 4, 1929
Home all day.  Violet and Harriet came over to play with Junior after school.  Sally came over to see Ted after supper.  I went to bed early.
Sat. October 5, 1929
Met Jean and Edythe for lunch. Do not fee well.  Pains in my stomach all day with dysentery.
Saw "Black Birds" with Helen Carr.  All colored review [interesting].  Went for sandwich at Sparks.

Sunday, October 6, 1929
Awoke early with sever pains still attacking me in the stomach.  Terribly ill all day.  Went no where.  Went to bed very early.  Junior at 360 all day and over night.
Monday, October 7, 1929
Still feel very sick.  Phoned Mr Liss, druggist to send me some medicine.  Went for Junior then back home and went to bed. 

Tues. October 8, 1929
Still feel ill but not as bad.  Took a ride with Junior.  Went to Bambs and bought a bird for him.  He just loves it and doesn't leave him a lone a minute.
Wed. October 9, 1929
Went to 360 for lunch.  Left Junior there and went with Mary to visit Christine.  Home for supper.  Jewel and Rick came.  Played bridge.  Bed early.
Thurs. October 10, 1929
Junior not well.  Temperature, upset stomach and pains.  Dr. came and prescribed.  Up until 1 a.m. to give powders every 20 minutes.  Then slept together.
Friday, October 11, 1929
Baby much better today.  Kept him indoors all day.  Went to bed with him early as no one here.  Jean at school and Ted to meeting.

Sat. October 12, 1929
Columbus Day.  Jean, Rose, Jewel, Rick and Pa went to Princeton to see Bill and Brown - Princeton game.  Home all morning.  360 in afternoon.  Back home early.  Baby to bed early.  All alone.
Sun. October 13, 1929
Home all morning alone with Junior.   Went to visit the Naps about 2:30.  Stayed there until six.  Then left and went to see Grandma M.  Her good day.  Had supper with Grandpa.
Mon. October 14, 1929
Junior and I went to Mary's for the day.  Her sister-in-law Rose cut a dress for me she is going to sew.
Had supper there and came home.  Junior went straight to bed.  I read a book.
Wed. October 16, 1929

Thurs. October 17, 1929
Charlotte here for laundry.  Went to pick Mary at one, then went to her mother's for the luncheon given by Aluminum Demonstrator.  Home for supper.  Went to bed very early.
Friday October 18, 1929
Went to NY with Elsie and Gladys to buy a coat for Gladys.  Bought a very beautiful black velvet trimmed with gorgeous fox furs.  When we came back went to see "Madam X" all-talking. Good.
Sat. October 19, 1929
Home all day.  Rosalie here until four.  JEan came home around supper.  Junior went to bed early.  Jean told me Bill was home for the week-end from Princeton.  Jean studying. I'm writing. 

Home all day.  Made plans to go to Bob's banquet with Jean and Edythe.  Her gown was very beautiful.  Black velvet and tulle.  Had nice time.  Very tired and went home early.
Sun. October 20, 1929
Went to 360 for dinner.  Saw Bill for first time since he went away to College. Home early for supper.  Junior to bed.  Jean doing home work an I went to Mt. Prospect to see "Father & Son."
Mon. October 21, 1929
Home all morning.  After lunch decided to ride to Rae's for a visit, Not home so took Junior to Bambs for a hair cut and saw dog show and birds on display.  Ran into Aunt Mary.  All came home together.
Tues.  October 22, 1929
Home all morning.  BAked chocolate layer cake.  Raining furiously all day.  Left in afternoon.  Violet came over to play with Baby. Read a book and bed. 
 Wed. October 23, 1929

Frances home from hospital.  Phoned that I was going over to see her this afternoon with Junior. On way stopped to see Grace.  Still waiting for the Stork.
Thurs. October 24, 1929
Home morning. Junior and I went to see Rae.  Had lunch with her.  Home early.  Edythe and Jean for supper.  Edythe had to leave to go to school.
Friday October 25, 1929
Home all day.  Hung around and read a bit.  Then had a very light supper as Jean does not come home for supper on Fridays on account of school.
Sat.  October 26, 1929
Home all day Jean went to N.Y. with Teddy shopping.  Left about seven and went to see "Remote Control" with Edythe.  Supper afterwards.  A very enjoyable evening.  Ted overnight.
Sun. October 27, 1929
Ted, Jean cleaned house as Ted is having some of her friends from college for supper.  Jean and I and Rosalie stayed in kitchen for our supper and twelve guests of Ted's had lovely time. 
Mon. October 28, 1929
Went to Mary's. Sick in bed.  Her mother there taking care of her.  Brought a delicious choc. cream pie and she enjoyed it immensely.
Tues.  October 29, 1929
Wed. October 30, 1929
Club met at Olives.  Girls all masked and completely surprised hostess.  I dressed in father's clothes.  Brought all the girls home as it was raining and very nasty out.  Stayed with Helen.
Thurs.  October 31, 1929
Charlotte here for laundry.  Nasty weather.  Went to Elsie's for a few hours.  Slept with Junior in afternoon.  Kept him up late to greet Halloween children that called.
Friday, November 1, 1929
Home all day.  Junior went to Elsie's to play after Violet came home from school.  Corinne stopped in for supper.  No school.  Went home at 9:30.
Sat. November 2, 1929
Home all day long.  After supper we got dressed and went to 360 as Jewel is giving a bridge for the committee girls that gave her the banquet.  We stayed over night.
Sun.  November 3, 1929
At 360.  Awoke late.  Everybody still in bed.  So went back to bed.  Hung around till four then came home.  Made supper for Jean, Junior and myself.  Read paper then bed.
Mon.  November 4, 1929
Went to Mary's for lunch.  Then brought Junior to 360 and Rose, Mary, Children and myself went to Branford.  Home at six.  Supper at 360.  Then home.
Tues.  November 5, 1929
Election Day.  Jean home.  Went to NY to buy tickets for Club girls to see "The Little Show" at Music Box.  Rosalie with me.  She bought a coat. Camels hair with beaver collar. 
Went down town.  Met Edythe for lunch.  Had lunch in Bambs tea room and discussed the play of Saturday night.  Shoppped a little then home. 

Wed. November 6, 1929
Home until 2:30.  Then went to get a fitting for dress Rose is sewing for me.  Then went to Mrs. Naps for supper. Left for home early.  Junior very tired.
Thurs. November 7, 1929
Mother telephone that Grace and Chas have a son, born last night.  Looks like his Daddy.  Went to see him.  Both doing fine.  Also went to dentist trouble with wisdom tooth.
Friday, November 8, 1929
Grandma M stopped in this morning.  Stayed only a little while.  Still had toothache.  Went to see new baby again.  Then stopped at 360 and home early.
Sat. November 9, 1929
Home. Jean came at 1:30. Peg stopped in for a minute.  Brought baby to 360.  Jewel, Helen, Jean and I went to NY to see "New Moon".  Had supper at Zucca's.  Took bus home to Helen's All overnight. 
[For an Interesting tidbit about Zucca's restaurant, click here.]
Sun. November 10, 1929
Had breakfast at 10:30 with Helen.  Roy away on hunting trip.  Left for 360 about 2:30.  Jewel waited for Rick.  Jean and I went to visit Grace for  a couple of hours.  Baby getting along fine.
Mon. November 11, 1929
Armistice Day.  Jean home.  Went to New York shopping.  Bought tweed ensemble suit with gray satin blouse and black caracal fur trimming.  Home for supper.  Bed early. Tired
Tues.  November 12, 1929
Junior and I went downtown this morning shopping.  Home about two.  Took a nap.  After supper went to my club meeting at Valerie B's.  Gave out theater tickets for "Little Show."
Wed.  November 13, 2012
Home all day.  Raining out.  Nasty.  Baked three chocolate cream pies.  Jewel & Rick came over 8:30.  JEan came from school 10:30 with Peg and Marg.  All had a bite.  They left at 12.
Thurs.  November 14, 1929
Brought Junior to the dentist for the first time.  At first he was a little frightened but we talked it out of him.  Filled on tooth.  He was very brave at the drilling, the dear.
Friday, November 15, 1929
Home all day.  Phone rang about 4:30.  I was Bill home from Princeton for the week end.  Wanted to see Baby & I  Went over for supper.  Played bridge afterwards until Jean came from school.
Sat. November 16, 1929
Jean  home for lunch.  Dressed then brought Junior to 360 and went down town to change hat for Lean who is very sick.  Bill & Rosalie for supper here.  Jean went to party at Pegs.  She stayed at 360.

Sun. November 17, 1929
Home all day.  Bill & Rosalie here last night.  Slept.  Left about 12 to go home.  Junior took long nap.  Dressed and went over to see Uncle Dick and Family.  Came home to find Jean & Rosalie here.
Mon.  November 18, 1929
Rosalie home.  Went to Bams. Met Edythe for lunch.  Shopped.  Home early.  We all went to Aunt Mary.  Mrs. B. there.  Had a light supper.  Drove Mary and children to her mother's. Then home.  Baby tired, bed early.
Tues. November 19, 1929
Club girls met at 5:30.  Dinner at Eldorado, on Boradway.  Then to the Music Box to see "Little Show.  An intimate Revue.  Put her to take screens down.  Ted and Isabelle stayed overnight & also Rose. 
Wed. November 20, 1929
Baby at 360.  Went to visit Lorrine.  Lena not there.  Her father took her to Boston to the grave of an old priest where miracles are being performed.  A very sick girl. Hope she survives the trip.  Visited Maggie.
Thurs. November 21, 1929
Home all day.  Charlotte here washing.  Feel quite upset and blue about Lena.  No school for Jean tonight so felt better after she came home for supper.
Friday, November 22, 1929
Junior invited to a party.  Little Norma M's. Met Dr. Restina's wife and little girl Yovonne. Brought a little sweater to Norma.
Sat. November 23, 1929
Home all day.  Cleaned house thoroughly.  Jean home at one.  Listened to Harvard-Yale football game over radio.  Yale lost.  Ted came about four and expects Isabell Long.
Sun.  November 24, 1929
Home all day.  Raining.  Jean at 360 for dinner.  Isasbelle and Ted her overnight.  Left at noon.  Junior and I went to Elsie's.  Stayed until 9:30.  Dick reading.  Children playing.
Mon.  November 25, 1929
Home.  Rose came for lunch.  Rosale here.  Did not go to school.  After dinner played three handed bridge then Minnie came over and played four.  Left about 5:30.
Tues.  November 26, 1929
Downtown with Junior.  Went in new shoe store "Golden Rule" to see Rose R.  Asked about family.  She expects to be married in April sometime.  Club at Helen C. 
Wed. November 27, 1929
Home all day.  Made sauce for tomorrow to bring to Grandma M's.  [Hey, I made sauce/gravy too, Anna]
Thurs. November 28, 1929
Thanksgiving Day.  Had dinner at Grandma M's.  All grandchildren there.  Elsie, May and myself.  Brought Vera home with me to stay week-end.  Getting quite cold out. 

Friday November 29, 1929
Junior and Vera are invited to Doris C's party in Arlington.  Children had a nice time.  On way home stopped for alcohol in the car.  Very cold out.  Both Vera and Marie came home with me. 
Sat. November 30, 1929
Stayed in bed all morning.  Vera and Marie here with Junior.  Jean home at one.  Got lunch for us.  Mary came over about four and Isabelle and Ted.  All stayed for supper.  Tom did not come.
Sun.  December 1, 1929
Home all day long.  Raining out.  Jean studying. I read a book.  Junior took a long nap.  About six o'clock we took him to Mt. Prospect with us.  Quite good but tired towards the end.

Mon. December 2, 1929
Went to N.Y. to get coat out of storage with Mary & Rose.  Went to New Paramount. Very stormy out and lots of snow.  Came home about 7:30 and rushed to pick up girls for card party at Elks by Mrs. Albano.
Tues. December 3, 1929
Home all day.  Tired from rushing last night. Slippery and nasty out doors.  Junior had to stay in all day and made him cross.  Baked a lovely cake to amuse him a bit. 

Wed. December 4, 1929
Home all day.  Left about five to go see Mrs. Naps for a while.  Then stopped to see the C's.  Very glad to see Junior.  Stayed until ten.  Then home.  Jean in school tonight.
Thurs. December 5, 1929
home all day.  Rosalie came after school.  Jean brought home a pumpkin pie.  After supper Rosalie and I went to Mt. Prospect.  Jean here studying.  Junior in bed asleep.
Friday December 6, 1929
Had a lady do some cleaning for me today.  Have a bad cold and don't feel so extra.  Attended the Montessori Card party at Elks.  Had a table, Mrs. Miller, Mullins and Witt.  I won prizes.
Sat. December 7, 1929
Home all day.  Ordered turkey for tomorrow.  Dressed it today and partly cooked it.  Rosalie came over.  Ted came at night.  Both stayed all night.
Sun.  December 8, 1929
Had the girls over for dinner.  Turkey Dinner.  Parents in Brooklyn to see Louis's new daughter. Helen and Ray came over for supper.  Hot turkey sandwiches.  All feeling full of pep and loads of fun. 
Mon. December 9, 1929
Home.  Went to see Dr. Murray this afternoon.  Having sinus trouble and a bad cold.  Junior was examined also. He was fine.  Had a long chat with Mrs. Mullin.
Tues. December 10, 1929
Home all day long.  Cold a little better.  Belleville club me at Helen's house.  Her table looked lovely.  All green and red for Xmas.  Meet here next time.

Wed. December 11, 1929
Home in Morning.  Brought baby to 360.  Went to card party at Washington given by St James guild.  Mrs. B, C and W and myself.  Shopped a little afterwards.
Thurs. December 12, 1929
Charlotte here to wash.  brought Junior to dentist.  While taking his nap went to St. James hospital to see Jean S. little son.  Then after supper to wake of Vincent D. 
Friday, December 13, 1929
Stayed in bed quit late.  Came in at quarter to eight from "Wake." Jean home from work.  Went to 360 for supper.  Met Flo downtown and Jean and peg after school.
Sat. December 14, 1929
Went to Arlington to see Chrysler car.  Would not meet my price.  Met Jean for lunch at Kresges.  Then met Rae at 2:30 for bridge.
Sun. December 15, 1929
Dinner at Naps.  Met Professor who just came back from abroad.  Stopped at Louisa's with picture.  Lena still stays pretty sick.  Home early.  Junior in bed.  Peg came to see Jean.
Mon. December 16, 1929
Chrysler car deal off.  Brought Junior to see Santa Claus, toy land and Bunnyland.  He was so happy and thrilled over everything.  He didn’t want to leave to come home.  He is excited over Xmas. 
Tues. December 17, 1929
Brought Junior to Bunnyland again.  He was so happy over it yesterday and he enjoyed it all over again.  He told Santa all the things he wanted and can’t wait for Xmas to come for his tree.
Wed. December 18, 1929
Home today.  Jean has school tonight so will not be home for supper.  Gladys came over and stayed until 10:30.  Had coffee and sandwiches.  Talked.
Thurs.  December 19, 1929
Jean phone that she had half day off for shopping.  So arranged to meet her at the Bank.  I did a little work while there.  Then Jean came about 1:30.  Went to church.  [I believe Jean is Anna’s sister who stays with her,]
Friday, December 20, 1929
Boys came home from school today. [her brothers].  Pa drover to Princeton for Bill and Slim was there overnight from Phila.  Ma & Junior went also.  Very foggy weather.  I worried lots!
Sat. December 21, 1929
Home all day.  Started to sew the drapes by hand.  Some job. Violet came over.  Stayed all afternoon.  Jean downtown shopping.  Home late as Haines was open until 9 p.m.